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This is a neat idea but I have some other suggestions for people who either don't like this way of shoe storage or who are looking for other options. If you have an extra drawer in a wardrobe or armoir type thing you could use that to line your shoes up in (provided your heels weren't too high). For people with stinky feet I suppose you could put in some lavender sachets or little baking soda sachets (baking soda absorbs smells) to freshen them up. If you don't have a wardrobe and need some way to hang them there are shoe hanging things that are basically a long fabric piece with pockets in it (open on top) that you can slide your shoes into. You don't have to install anything (like poles) and your shoes are covered by the pocket. You could probably hang this behind a door because they usually come with hooks for over the door (I had one in my dorm). Like this: (but with less hideous colors) or even like this: in a corner of the room or behind something in the room.

No Closet? No Problem! Storing Shoes Out In The Open
12/10/10 02:12 AM