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We've got a clip-on chair (actually two since I've got twins) that work great on our kitchen counter/island. Mine are made by Zooper ( These chairs are also great for travel, and we take them when we go on vacation or to someone's house that probably doesn't have high chairs but welcomes our family for a meal. From the photo of your kitchen, this might be a great solution (plus doesn't take up any room). The Zooper has a 5 point harness as well for safety, and we haven't had any problems with scratches from the arms. Your child will enjoy watching you cook and being part of the action!

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2/15/08 11:17 AM

We are big fans of Dwell and have their crib linens and hooded towels - beautiful products and very high quality! These little finger puppets would be great fun!

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12/20/07 06:28 AM

I have twins (20mos) and have used the Zooper Hook On chairs exclusively - since they were about 6 mos. old. We never purchased two high chairs since they take up so much room, and I've been very pleased with the chairs since we use them every day at home and also have taken them on trips and outings. The chairs have never scratched any surfaces (including my brother's dining table), and you could probably put a small washcloth underneath the top arms and jmake sure the bottom clamps are tight and secure. The chairs also have a secure harness feature that's adjustable and goes over their shoulders and isn't just a waist belt. It will keep the little squirmer safe! Good luck in your search.

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12/20/07 06:26 AM

We also had a problem with the frog staying on the wall (initially I used the adhesive strips). I sent an email to Boon, and they sent me additional adhesive strips and suction cups. So far, we're doing OK with the suction cups (on a tile wall - do NOT wet the wall first). I'm guessing that a lot of customers have had these issues based upon their response and ideas regarding repairs (like using your blow dryer to heat up the tiles, etc.) I also quit putting heavy things (like shampoo) in the compartment designed for that purpose. I don't think I'd drill into the wall since you can always get a mesh bag to put the bath toys in - not as cute, but it would work and not permanently mess up your bathroom for what will be a relatively short phase of childhood. Good luck, and I'd start by contacting Boon.

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12/20/07 06:19 AM

It would be great for our little chickadee to have the perfect "chick" chair! thanks for the giveaway

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12/18/07 12:29 PM

The Most essential -- wipes and/or water (for drinking or washing "bits"). Love the diaper bag - so stylish and it would be a serious upgrade for this twin mom!

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I believe I've seen the alligator - made from wallpaper as are a collection of animals at It looks terrific in their room. I've been tempted to buy one of the menagerie, but I'm waffling on wallpaper - both putting it on initially and getting it off later when we don't want it anymore. So far, I've used some of the wall decals and have been happy.

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10/18/07 05:25 PM

We've got two similar seats for our twins - made by Zooper - and we love them since they clip onto the kitchen island and don't take up extra space. There's no way our home would accomodate two full-sized high chairs, so these are a great way to go if you have a table or surface that will work for you. They also make your baby feel like they are part of the action plus they clean up with with warm soapy water, and no tray to dishwash.

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10/13/07 06:05 PM

Miss Lilah's rug looks so charming. Any ideas where that can be found?

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10/13/07 06:00 PM

Oh Peace Sign Stroller Tote, we would LOVE to have you in our lives and welcome you into our home! We would take you everywhere we go with our little twins and test your strength, durability, capacity, and "hip" factor (as twins do draw some extra attention). We're ready to load you with lots of diapers, booty cream, wipes plus a few snacks and something to drink (is there a matching wine carrier for mom...just kidding?!) Peace Sign Stroller Tote are you ready for long strolls while we look for dogs, birds, cats and heavy machinery (small boy with fascination for loud, big trucks will be in the double wide as will his sister who prefers sucking on her shoes!)? Will you be willing to travel both domestically and abroad? Will you want to go the swimming pool? How do you feel about coffeeshops (I bet you love them)? Peace Sign Stroller Tote, please let us test drive you as the "mothership" bag we have is tiresome, weary and ready to retire.

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I was reading on their website that the bean bag chairs do not include the beans, so you'll need to find those once the cover arrives.

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8/31/07 06:38 AM

Here's the cutest brown snowsuit (with blue stars) out there: Snowsuit&gpid=10&gen=&col=BRN

It's made by Boden, and the website above is the Boden USA site, but it's actually from the UK, so you can probably figure out shipping to Canada from either the USA or UK websites.

I order from them all the time (especially when they have sales) and have been a very satisfied customer. They've just introduced their first baby line, so you're in luck.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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8/30/07 06:59 AM

I bought a yellow monkey sweater - just like that one - almost a year ago on sale at Gymboree. I doubt they'd still stock it since they turn over their inventory quickly. I've already re-cycled mine to a neighbor or I'd offer it to you!

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8/16/07 08:34 AM

The more basic metrosheds (without a "room") are priced from $3600 - $6300, so I'm guessing this is more. You would have to consider this as an addition to your home! I guess it's "pre-fab" for the junior set. I wonder if it requires wiring to keep the lights on,heat/cool and a foundation pad put in place prior to installation? Pro - it looks cool. Con - not for the "everyman" out there who could never dream of buying it.

MetroPlay Playhouse
8/10/07 11:26 AM

And don't forget when you purchase your paint to buy NO VOC paint - something I don't know is an option or not with the brand you're considering, but most paint stores can match any color these days. You do not want to expose your precious baby (or yourselves) to any unnecessary fumes. We painted our nursery with the NO VOC paint from Sherwin Williams and have been very, very happy. We will never return to using stinky paint again, and these days, you don't have to. Good luck with your choices, and I echo the sentiment about not starting with the walls but other selections and let those dictate your direction.

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8/10/07 07:04 AM

We have traveled on several flights with our twins - now 15 mos. old, and in fact, we just returned from a two week trip to the UK this week (definitely the hardest trip we've taken since the flight is so long and jet lag complicates things). Here's my tips:

Car seats - we've not taken ours (since we have to take two) but rented them from the car rental companies and not had any problems. In fact in the UK, we had Britax seats - the same as home. The rental company will not install them for you due to "liability", but they will help you get them in the rental vehicle. For us, it was worth the rental expense not to have to hassle with this given all the other bags, baby gear, etc. We only had to manage our suitcases, strollers, and babies at the airport.

Diaper bag essentials: I pack overnight diapers only since it keeps the baby drier longer and holds more volume. I change them into these right before we board the plane and put on a thick layer of diaper cream. Definitely pack an extra outfit for them and at least one extra top for yourself (I've been pee'd on and covered in food more than once and used my top every time). Take a few more diapers than you think you will need since you don't want to run out. If you use bottles, take more than you think you will need since you won't have a way to clean or sterilize them. I pack a microwave sterilizer bag (same as you use for breast pumping things) for pacifiers, nipples, etc after I get there. Keep your child well hydrated since they do seem to need more fluids on the flight. Put your diaper cream, hand sanitizer, any medicines or liquids in a quart size ziplock bag so it's ready to pull out at security. Once you're through security, buy water/juice/milk since you can't expect to get any of these the minute you board or anytime quickly during your flight. We also pack snacks and food from home (Cheerios, diced chicken, bananas, biscuits, fruit) in an insulated bag plus some granola bars for ourselves (our hands are never free to eat a meal with the two of them). That way, we can feed our kids whenever we want with something we know they will eat and is healthy and nutritious. Put in a bib or two and burb pad as well for "meals" and general mess. I've found it keeps them cleaner if I just leave a bib on them for the flight. Pack their "lovey" and pacifier since they will give your little one comfort along the way.

You don't need to bring many toys on the flight since the airplane is one giant toy to them since they will fiddle with everything. We haven't had success yet with stickers since they're too young, but I expect them to be part of our "arsenal" in the futire. We tried a portable DVD player, and all they wanted to do was play with the buttons and not watch anything on the screen, so we won't bother with this again. In fact, just put a few small things inside a tupperware container with a top and let the baby shake away!

If you're bringing your child on your lap and not purchasing a seat, make SURE the airline prints a boarding pass for the baby as well. We had to go all the way back to the counter and get one after being turned away at security at Gatwick- and then wait again. That wasn't one bit fun.

You can gate check your stroller where the jetway connects to the airplane. Make sure you get a tag for the stroller. They will unload the stroller at the same place upon your arrival, so wait there for it to arrive. There's no need to deplane quickly since this can sometimes take a little while. While everyone else is unloading, you can do a quick diaper change (either on the floor or the seats) using a diaper pad beneath.

The bulkhead seats are KEY if you can get them since there is significantly more floor space in front of you. We spent the majority of our flight time back to the US playing on the floor, and one of the twins slept for a few hours there as well.

I also take some of their CDs they listen to at home and pop them into the rental car upon our arrival. They love music and hearing something familiar seems to help all of us!

If you're leaving the US, buy medical travel insurance that will cover all of you and includes medivac, repatriation, etc. Your US coverage doesn't mean a thing once you leave the USA.

Depending on your destination, you can rent a tremendous amount of baby gear that will help you enjoy your stay. I've done this in Seattle and Portland and for a reasonable sum rented toys (walkers, books, etc), cribs, double jogging stroller, high chairs, etc, etc. I went to Craigslist for the city we were visiting and queried if anyone knew of a rental company for baby gear. I have yet to be disappointed with the quality and service,provided by the companies that were recommended. All the gear was ready, in perfect condition and waiting for us and picked up after our departure - seamless and terrific.

Keep your sense of humor and realize that everything takes longer with a baby. Print out your boarding passes the day before, and allow enough time to use curbside check-in (the US only) and avoid long lines. Those skycaps are worth their weight in gold! We do this while the other parent parks the car and then wait to go through security together. Take lots of photos and enjoy a change of scenery. You will have a wonderful time!

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8/3/07 07:56 AM

I have twins, so the Fleurville "Mothership" was the best option. It's huge. There's a lot of gear with the two of them and a regular sized bag just doesn't do the trick.

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7/10/07 06:40 AM

This nursery is amazing and inspired! I hope their little one is an Edison fan (who isn't on some level?!?). Their baby is going to LOVE all those buttons to push in the Supercomputer. (Our babies can't get enough of light switches, so they could busy themselves for a LONG time with that piece in their room. ) The vials and chalkboard are over-the-top brilliance. Thanks for sharing.

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6/12/07 08:18 AM

What can I say??? I like Candy! Since it's summer, Surf's Up also seems like a great option.

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We bought our Eames rocker long before we had any kids - just because we like it, the size is manageable, and the price is right. We had twins 14 mos ago, and we used the rocker in the living room for "supplemental" rocking, but it is NOT comfortable for nursing, isn't roomy for any extra blankets, bottles (if you end up supplementing with those), etc. It's just too small (and we're not big people) and the surface is hard and unforgiving for extended periods of time. I was given a hand-me-down glider and had a new cushions made for it, and that worked out OK for us. There are usually plenty of gliders or chairs on Craigslist/garage sales that you could recover in a great fabric that might hit all your hot buttons (size, price, function). You can also have a rocking base put onto nearly any sort of chair you might like, and a good upholstery shop can help you with that. If there's a nice little upholstered chair you like, almost any sort of base can be put onto it - something else to consider. Good luck with your little one and finding a solution that works for you!

Good Questions: Eames Rocker
5/29/07 11:44 AM