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When I was in middle school I had a friend who shoved her full-size bed into her walk-in closet, and made a little sleeping alcove. I was so jealous, and to this day I want my own little version. I guess I'm a claustrophile?

Better Than Storage: 7 Creative Uses For Your Closet
7/13/14 11:53 PM

Used to be at Urban Outfitters.I don't see it on the site anymore, but I always see UO stuff on Ebay. I think there's also a rug in the same pattern.

JJ's Mesh of Styles House Call
5/24/14 06:09 PM

I was about to say, am I the only one who washes them like, once a month? Or am I just the only honest one?

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
2/1/14 12:22 PM

I think it's important to note that Ariele Alasko's wall covering was her thesis project for art school, and it seemed like it took her months and months to complete with no small amount of effort. Not something I think you can re-create on a whim (nor do I think you necessarily should).

Renter's Solutions: Working With Whatever Wall Color You've Got
1/28/14 01:35 PM

You might not like the look of this, but Door Sixteen did a "frameless frame" for a big poster that might work for you: http://www.doorsixteen.com/2013/04/09/quick-cheap-frameless-frame/

Ideas for Fixing a Sagging Frame? Good Questions
1/15/14 07:39 PM

Kids? Mine!

Under $50: Black & White Kids Decor
1/2/14 10:56 AM

In my family when I was kid someone was designated "Santa" for that year. That person handed out gifts from under the tree, while the rest kind of kicked back and watched the recipient tear it open until it was out turn. The only time I opened a gift early was when my mom got me and my brother mp3 players and we were flying out on Christmas to see my dad- she figured we should open them that night to get them working in time for our flight. :)

Idea Exchange: What's Your Christmas Present Opening Tradition?
12/21/13 10:30 PM

It definitely hasn't, as I rotated it just the other day.

64 Square Feet: Writer Lived Inside Astor Place Cube in New York City
10/1/13 03:39 PM

The bed frame is a Lillesand, discontinued from ikea. I've found quite a few on Craigslist recently.

Shop the Room: Alexis & Brooks' Collected Comfort Bedroom
9/29/13 12:47 AM


Proudly Flying Your Nerd Flag at Home
7/18/13 12:16 AM

Heck yes! I basically follow all my favorite blogger's feeds though.

Do You Get Design Inspiration on Instagram?
6/26/13 11:57 PM

I would just be cautious about using a really big glass jar- my dad did that when I was a kid, and one day he dropped some change in and it EXPLODED across our kitchen floor. I think it was like 2/3 full.

Moving Money: Saving Your Change for a Time Of Change
6/26/13 11:26 PM

That's such a great idea!

How To Be Your Own Wedding DJ
6/4/13 05:46 PM

If I get married some day, I am so excited that I am a theatre professional. I'll always know someone who knows someone who'll set up and maintain the sound system all night for a nominal amount. Music is one of my favorite things, so I think that would be the thing I'd most want to put together.

How To Be Your Own Wedding DJ
6/4/13 05:46 PM

I don't like the idea of copying someone's piece exactly, but I see no problem with using a the same technique to create something new.

Do You DIY Modern Art?
6/4/13 05:42 PM

The bubbles made me giggle. Very modest.

My Small Home: Skipping the Baby Bathtub
5/23/13 12:43 AM

Forget kids, I want those Napa Style lights for my room.

Twinkle Lights in Kids Rooms
5/21/13 11:51 PM

I didn't have too much stuff from a relationship, but I did have a lot of pictures on my hard drive that I didn't quite want to delete. I put them in a folder called "DO NOT OPEN." About 6 months later my hard drive had a melt-down and I didn't really get the opportunity to decide if I ever wanted to look at them again- bye bye.

Moving In Together: What Do You Do With The Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend Box?
5/21/13 11:38 PM

The blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust might help you out. Shopping online can be annoying, but that site has great reviews!

Moving In Together Means Getting Rid of All the Ratty Old Granny Panties
5/7/13 12:20 AM

I recently did that because I realized ALL my undies were gross and falling apart. I feel so much better now! Though I admit, i did keep a couple of pairs to shove in the back of the drawer until that time of the month

Moving In Together Means Getting Rid of All the Ratty Old Granny Panties
5/7/13 12:19 AM