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yes! one more request for the fabric on that velvet couch please!!!! favorite house tour in a while on AT.

Taryn & Sanford's Unflappable Abode House Tour
2/28/14 08:09 PM

Really enjoyed this home tour, I even enjoyed the zoomed in pics of small objects (rare)! Completely original and a really nice flow.

Thanks for some inspiration Alina!

Alex & Alina's Lovingly Layered Home House Tour
2/12/13 04:07 PM

Completely original and refreshing. Thank you!

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/15/13 06:48 PM

Your home rocks, LOVE IT and yes stop apologizing because it is artfully crafted. This is the kind of tour that got me hooked on Apartment Therapy.

Love the Black and Salmon Paint and all of the art. Happy Holidays in Chicago!

Lauren & Kevin's Urban Jungle Oasis House Tour
12/18/12 05:40 PM

Feels like an home full of things loved and cultivated. Simple and wonderful!

Fi & Livvy's Simple & Cozy "Caltrans" Home
House Tour

12/5/11 12:32 PM

I love the look of the windmill art on the last photo. How can I replicate something like this?

Steve & Stacey's Vintage-Inspired DIY Modern Apartment
House Tour

11/10/11 06:01 PM

One of my favorite places to be surprised/inspired are alleyways. Some of my favorite alleys are in Point Loma, CA. Depending which way your headed they have slopping views of the Pacific...its just a very cool contrasts. Not to mention you may get lucky and find a future DIY project.

Step Away from the Screen: Finding Inspiration Offline
10/18/11 06:19 PM


Making Small, Incremental Changes to a Room
10/14/11 05:59 PM

I wil always have a special place in my heart for skateboarders. It takes an artful eye to glide the streets with grace.

Crazy or Cool: Extreme Skateboarding House
Shelter Pop

9/20/11 03:18 PM

Wow, I'm surprised by how I'm not impressed....all the money in the world to buy the coolest stuff ever doesnt make "a home"....I do love Christian Lacroix tho'!!!

Inside the Homes of Five French Fashion Icons
9/14/11 12:03 PM

this is the kind of stuff that inspires me regardless if I like it or not. Its about reinventing. Thank you for the fresh look!

DIY Bench: Three Become One
Kindall's Creations

9/12/11 05:53 PM

I grew up on that hill!!! I tripped out to see Spring Valley and had to take the house tour....lovely. Feeling the vibe you got going on in your home. I love that artist are residing on that hill :)...I settled in I.B. had to be close to the water. Someday I'll post our casa and represent. Thank you.....

Noa & Stuart's Boho-Chic Bungalow (and Shed Remodel!)
House Tour

8/18/11 05:16 PM

Thank you!!! I get a lot of pleasure from Apartment Therapy. It has made a mark on the way I look at design.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Part 2 - Your Home is a Path, Not a Place

4/11/11 04:08 PM

You have a lot of CHEERS, but I had to add one more.....LOVE IT!!! isnt it funny how our best ideas come right before bed time?

How To Make a Block Print Rug Using a Welcome Mat
2/9/11 02:24 PM

LOVE IT, but I loved the gold too!!

Before & After: Nicole's Louis XV Chair Makeover
2/3/11 01:49 PM

I would place another rug down, or two runners. Maybe that would help open up the color scheme palate. Good Luck.

What Color Accents For My Dorm Room?
Good Questions

12/9/10 06:11 PM