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Stearns and Foster matresses used be really great matresses. The reason why they sink in, is because they have been using memory foam in their matresses for the last 10 years. I've been sleeping on Stearns and Foster for 30 years and never had a problem until I bought a new one this year. I had a feeling they were making them differently and sure enough they are. They used to make them with all latex. in the last 4 months I have taken back 4 matresses by S & F because they sink in and they keep telling me at the store that they're supposed to sink in and that it's supposed to conform to your body. I went to Matress World in Michigan they showed me the difference between latex and memory foam. Latex springs right away when you put your finger on it and memory foam takes longer to spring back. They ruined what was once a perfect matress. They need to go back to the way they used to make them! Even the firm matress by S & F sinks in.

Apartment Therapy New York | Stearns & Foster Mattresses
12/27/07 11:27 AM