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When my husband and I combined homes for the first time more than a decade ago it was total panic mode. No room for our combined libraries in our 20s bungalow. So what we did: We invested in two large, quality hardwood bookshelves, one for each of us and agreed that each of us had to have no more books than would fit on our individual shelves. It was painful, cutting each of our collections by probably two-thirds, but so worth it. Knowing you'd have to get rid of a book when you bought a new one also had a great upside that has served us well in this recession: It made us both more devote library patrons, and in turn, better readers as the deadline of a due date is a great motivator. We also have become big regifters of our books, which is also a nice way to pass on something you've enjoyed. The advent of a Kindle into the home has changed that dynamic but I'm glad to no longer be overwhelmed by the physical presence of books. Very liberating.

A Bookworm's Dilemma: Ditch Books When Downsizing?
1/24/12 01:16 PM