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You can use regular water based paint from the paint store. Here are MAGNAVERDE's instructions for painting upholstery.

From following others who have done this over the years, it's apparent that it works on smooth fabrics only, not uber textured or nubby. The method on smooth fabrics results in a leather-like look and feel.

Can You Paint a Fabric Chair? Yes. And You Should.
7/21/14 07:30 PM

The colorants used in mixing architectural paint seldom align with any aspect of artist's paints. Because with architectural paints you are mixing into a base can of paint. You don't do that with artist's paints. Influence of the base and dramatically different strengths and opacity of architectural colorants will change everything you think you know about how to mix color.

It's natural to want to drawing similarities between how fine artists mix and use color color and color for the built environment because artists paints and 2 dimensional theories, and 'rules' ,and guidelines are most familiar and easiest to grasp. However, color for the 3 dimensional built environment has its own set of theories, and 'rules', and guidelines. While there are aspects that overlap, the reality is that trying to make ill-fitting concepts borrowed from 2-D fine arts fit the 3-D built environment is where frustration with choosing wall color manifests; square peg, round hole.

How To Confidently Choose Paint Colors: Mark's Foolproof Methods
3/3/13 09:14 PM

Artist's paints do indeed give you range to manipulate the paint from thin to thick and then leverage undertone. Architectural paints do not give you that opportunity. In architectural paints the goal is one even, uniform thickness of paint film - it is never spread thinly to reveal undertone. Thinking in terms of undertone with regard to architectural paints is futile. Instead you need to remember that every paint color has a hue parent; every color will bear a resemblance to its hue parent. That resemblance is called hue bias.

In order to identify hue bias, you simply compare the color in question to saturated hues. It's a that which is like unto itself is drawn kinda thing. Never, ever use a white chip to try to identify any aspect of a color.

The world of architecture paints for the 3D built environ revolves around hue families and hue bias. Once you grasp that, you can solve any color conundrum including perfecting the art of partnering the perfect pitch of color nuance with geographic orientation.

How To Confidently Choose Paint Colors: Mark's Foolproof Methods
2/28/13 07:13 PM

I'm a color ogler in addition to being a color consultant; I love looking at other people's paint color choices. So, I adore this post!

Hope everyone remembers that while other people's paint colors can be inspiring, it's critical to test those colors in/on your home before you buy them yourself. Think I've mentioned before that I like to use Swatch Right paint-peel-and-stick color sample decals.

The Best Colors for Every Room:
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12/29/12 03:07 PM

Birch branch candles are my favorite decorating staple this time of year. Relevant from Thanksgiving right thru the new year.

Great post!

Natural Holiday Decor Idea:
Beautiful Birch Branches

11/9/12 08:59 PM

Color me obsessed with all things circle these days. Mandalas in particular. Need to add confetti to the list!

Party Time! Confetti Print Decor
11/8/12 09:34 PM

We know babies vision isn't fully developed when they are new and that they don't immediately see color. We know they see contrast. Dark gray juxtaposed to contrasting, bright, cheerful colors is actually not a bad color strategy for nurseries. Like most things color, it's all about proper balance.

Paint Color Portfolio: Dark Gray Nurseries
11/8/12 09:32 PM

Now is the time to buy flutes. I waited way too late in the season last year and there wasn't much of a selection. Because I waited too long, couldn't find enough of the ones I wanted. Ended up with an okay-but-not-what-I-wanted set from TJ Maxx.

Celebrate in Style: 10 Simple and Beautiful Champagne Flutes
11/8/12 09:27 PM

Now this is innovative. I have two boys who have grown up playing Lego's. Honestly, we could produce about a dozen dining room tables with the Lego's in my house. Right now. I can break out the giant tubs full of Legos if anyone wants to help. :)

1 IKEA Tosby Frame + 7,176 LEGOs =
A Colorful Dining Table

11/8/12 09:23 PM

Cool Hand Luke,

Yes, I've seen it many times and experienced it in my own home. The streaks appear after the shower is used and disappear as soon as the moisture in the room is thoroughly cleared.

I asked a few paint manufacturing pro's that I know and learned that it is called water whitening. It sometimes happens to new paint and it has to do with surfactants in the paint that simply have to work themselves out. Water whitening is not the same as surfacant leaching.

What happened with my bathroom and also several of my client's is one day, all of the sudden, you realize the streaks aren't happening any more. That's when I knew the input I got about water whitening was indeed accurate and applicable to my situation. At some point it works out and clears up completely.

Paint Finishes: The Pros and Cons of Flat, Low Luster and Gloss
11/8/12 09:16 PM

SkylarkM - a couple lovely turquoise wall colors from Sherwin Williams are Waterscape SW 6470, Watery SW 6478 and Raindrop SW 6485. Hope you find your color!

Choosing Wisely: Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Color Every Time
11/7/12 04:06 PM

Use Swatch Right for testing wall colors. They are paint-peel-and-stick removable color sample decals. Paint it once, stick it up, look at it, peel it off, move it to another wall, behind the sofa, bend it into a corner, etc. Repeat as necessary. Can even repaint Swatch Right and use one over and over.

Foam core warps and doesn't conform to the substrate (the wall).

Choosing Wisely: Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Color Every Time
11/7/12 01:31 PM

An undercoat or primer in a neutral gray absolutely helps build opacity - especially for the more shear colors like vivid reds.

What gets me is everyone thinks they need to sample on a white board, or wall, or worse use a white primer as an undercoat even if "primer" isn't necessary. White impedes opacity and color perception just as much as, and arguably more than, any other color. Swatch Rightâ„¢ is a grey paint-peel-and-stick color sample decal that helps build accurate color opacity no matter what price point of paint you choose.

Why Some Paint Is More Expensive Than Others (And Worth It)
10/12/12 03:37 PM