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I like what other people have said too but think about raising your cabinets! They look a little low, and this way you can keep closed and open storage. This blog did it here using their old cabinets:

and there's also been a renovation diary with a similar look here:

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7/22/14 05:21 PM

This post is just spreading unecessary fear about the bugs and the disease. The species of kissing bugs that carry and spread Chagas' disease does not live in the upper Americas, so chagas is only endemic in central and South America. Chagas' disease is found in the US but the focus should be on transmission by blood transfusion, rather than by the bugs themselves. Yes, the kissing bugs are annoying and will bite, but there's no need for fear of the disease.
Source: I am a microbiology student and took a course in medical issues related to insects. Check the cdc website for more information.

The Assassin Bug: Facts, Dangers & Prevention
5/8/14 04:34 PM

this is an awesome list, but could you guys also post pictures of each project next time so that way I'm not clicking through a ton of links? :)

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2/26/14 01:26 PM