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As much as it pains me to say... I actually like that bed.

Bella & Edward Did It Here: Twilight Breaking Dawn Bed
11/18/11 02:49 PM

Havent we seen this on here before?

Green Style: A Ladder as a Dining Table Overhead Hanging
7/8/11 09:32 AM


An Old Refrigerator Becomes a Dog House
6/8/11 09:57 AM


Scratch Off World Map
6/6/11 01:00 PM

I've seen those globes for sale at the Christmas Tree Shop... interesting.

Gibson: Design Firm, Antiques & Artwork
Store Profile

5/9/11 11:32 AM

Wow, so cool! Don't think i can spring for the $400 though...

Amplify your iPhone's Music with Recycled Trumpets
5/6/11 02:47 PM

yuck. Im sorry.

DIY Idea: Recycled Plastic Bag Pendant Light
The Three Rs Blog

5/2/11 03:54 PM

FUN! I love the first one.

13 Super Secret Stair Storage Ideas
4/14/11 10:28 AM

So what exactly does this do for your hair?

Make Your Own Easy Eco Hair Treatment
3/25/11 02:51 PM

I agree with Nicolac, I was disapointed with this post, especially since i have seen all these suggestions at least twice on this blog already.

5 Tips For Reducing Your Energy Bill

2/24/11 12:16 PM

I love all of these photography focused posts! Keep them coming!!

Focus On: Lucy Schaeffer
Ask a Photographer

2/23/11 02:46 PM

I have seen these around at local sustainability fairs. It is truly a great item!

Recycled Lobster Rope Door Mat
Daily Find

2/17/11 10:45 AM

Where can I find more projects like this? I love it!

Before & After: A Drab To Fab Thrifted Dollhouse
2/7/11 03:23 PM

I don't own a funnel. But I recently broke down and bought some essentials we were living without. Ice cube trays were one of these things- i kept thinking it was wasteful to buy them but then i realized if i am careful these trays can last forever. In addition, we asked for a nice set of knives for christmas. Boy does it make a difference not to be cutting everything with dull steak knives from a thrift store!

Make-Do, Do Without Or, Why Don't I Own A Funnel?
1/21/11 12:42 PM

Im sorry, but the buckwheat pillow sounds awful!

Healthy Sleep Pillows: 6 All-Natural and Non-Toxic Options
1/7/11 02:10 PM

mmmmm.... I like the idea. But does anyone else notice its slightly crooked??

Meg's DIY Wall Art: $10 & 10 Minutes
1/6/11 03:50 PM

Plenty of Christmas wrapping paper can be used for birthdays and weddings. I just bought some beautiful black and white paper for a wedding I am going to this summer that was only 50 cents!

5 Things To Buy Right Now To DIY With Later
1/3/11 03:39 PM

Awww! So cute.

Dogs in House Tours
The Best of 2010

12/30/10 04:42 PM

I can't wait to join CSA next spring and start enjoying another source of local veggies!

My Green Resolution: Maya Donenfeld of Maya*Made
Guest Post

12/21/10 04:30 PM