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Nice post, but I need to pass on some info. The weight of the canvas is VERY important when you make these. It should be no lighter than 18 oz. (#8) or it will buckle and warp when it's on the floor. You can purchase pre-hemmed (to any size) blank floorcloths at These are excellently made using heavyweight canvas.

Notes On a Floor Cloth
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9/14/11 07:34 AM

Difficulty cleaning? When a plate of spaghetti (with lots of sauce) lands on a floorcloth, you scrape up the food, wipe off the floorcloth with a wet sponge and get back to cooking another batch of pasta! With a textured rug, you're scrubbing for ages, and even then I bet the sauce stains don't come out.

Don't think of floorcloths so much as "rugs" but more as protective floor coverings. One that is made properly will outlast the indoor/outdoor rug by years! AND you get the bonus of custom colors, custom designs and whatever size or shape fits your space.

Check it out at:

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ugly Kitchen Floor? Change It with a Floor Cloth
9/3/09 12:31 PM

One of the linked sites,, goes into it extensively and suggests and supplies materials. Today's low VOC paints, aren't very smelly at all and the right products will not crack or fade over extended periods of time (decades- not kidding!) Yes, you have to be careful in choosing the right materials, but a well made floorcloth is well worth every penny, and fun to make too! Canvasworks is holding a series of classes in October if you want to learn all about it (

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ugly Kitchen Floor? Change It with a Floor Cloth
9/2/09 08:08 AM

Not exactly sure what color of blue you're leaning toward, but check out this painted canvas floorcoth: There are lots more at, and they'll make custom sizes, designs and colors as well. You could have that one that you wanted in the blue you want too!

Floorcloths are great in heavy traffic areas- fun, easy to clean and last forever!

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2/15/08 02:30 AM

Yes! Under Appreciated! Go to to learn all about this forgotten craft. Subscribe to the blog ( to see a floorcloth through all of its stages of production too.

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12/24/07 05:16 PM