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All that surface area and one little window? I'd make the whole front glass with frosted glass in the bathroom. This triangle shape is ridiculous - horribly inefficient; "at the acute point of the living room you can crawl on your knees to a bean bag chair" - ha! The front fascia is design for design sake, not a problem solver one bit... Oh yeah, front door anyone? Welcome to hell.

Skinny Minnie: A Four-Foot-Wide Home

8/4/11 12:29 PM

I think the art in your home reflects your taste and your character. Hopefully guests who get so put off by the nude in your livingroom can take a moment to view the art in the artist's intended light. My father is immature and gets uncomfortable by nudity in art... It's fun to watch him get squimish - "Yes dad. This is what the naked figure looks like..."

Going Nude at Home
7/27/11 11:59 AM