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I own a garden level unit in the rear of a building with no view. It's an incredible location and safe. I went by the "worst house on the best block" philosophy, I suppose. It's a 2br/2ba with nice space for just hubs and me. We've painted and made improvements with more to come, and have really made it a home.

We had a great courtyard view until the law firm next door built a giant addition. I do find it depressing without sunlight streaming into our home. I often work from home too so I'm there more often than most people would be. I long for the day when I can have more windows and daylight. I don't mind the garden unit at all, but not every garden unit is as dark as ours.

Good luck with your decision.

Smaller Unit with View VS. Larger Garden Unit?
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12/8/10 06:55 PM