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Having a cat on the table (or a counter) is gross.

Alexandra & Christian's Rustic Vintage (For Now) Loft
House Tour

9/24/11 12:06 PM

@paperkite: you have to start standing up for yourself. You are a grown up, and you have to ask to take a walk? Come on. Your sister-in-law sounds ridiculous.

Reality Check: Do You Really Like Having Overnight Guests
7/26/11 12:22 AM

It depends on your lifestyle. I moved from a house with a guest bedroom with its own private bath to a condo without a guest bedroom. I totally miss that guest bedroom- more than anything else.

The Case Against the Guest Bedroom
from The Rammed Earth House by David Easton

4/1/11 11:30 AM

Ya'll have way too many rules.
I read in my bedroom.
I eat in my bedroom.
I drink in my bedroom.
I watch TV in my bedroom.
I work on the computer in my bedroom.
I even sleep in there.

It's my favorite room.

What Isn't Allowed In Your Bedroom?
3/16/11 06:20 PM

The same people that claim they don't have to change their sheets b/c they're clean when they go to bed (ridiculous) are the same ones that don't wash their hands after using the bathroom because their bodies are clean. Gross.

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
3/5/11 10:14 PM

What, not one Black couple?

In Celebration of V-Day: Couples from House Tours
2/14/11 04:15 PM

Do you think there would have been a way to know about the centipede infestation before moving in?

3 Homes in 1 Year: Advice for Finding a Place You'll Love
2/3/11 08:35 PM