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re: CharlieCooks': "In order for things like leather to be made
they have to skin the animals alive."

While in some circumstances, live flaying does happen (and is despicable), please do not exaggerate and say that leather cannot be produced without skinning animals alive.

I was a vegetarian for six years before switching back to eating meat, and am firmly in the "use fewer animals, but all their parts" camp. I think vegetarians and vegans have a lot of good arguments for not eating and using animal products, but too often undermine themselves and their causes through inflated and inflammatory rhetoric. If y'all just stuck to the facts and showed evidence of the real horror shows out there, people might take it more seriously, like when the scandal about treatment of downed cows in CA slaughterhouses was brought to light last year.

That said, I think it's a personal decision, and has a lot to do with an individual's gut reaction to furs and skins. Some find them comforting, attractive, durable; others, disgusting, reprehensible, wasteful.

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1/8/09 07:47 PM

As a former Red Hook resident, I want to reiterate how poorly set up this neigborhood is for traffic. It will be incredibly difficult to accommodate the customers safely and quickly as there are few ways in and out of Red Hook, and they are often already jammed. Additionally, INDUSTRIAL space is not the same as commercial. The neighborhood is used to huge trucks lumbering through, but it's nothing like the volume IKEA will create, and professional truck drivers are a lot different from confused people in cars (I can't tell you how many people needed help getting to Fairway, which is the easiest place to find in the neighborhood).

Also, the waterfront location is potentially shortsighted as the neighborhood floods constantly, particularly in the area around the projects, and is well below the flood line. We got rejected for renter's insurance due to "potential for natural disaster". New York's due for a hurricane at some point, and IKEA had better have a very good emergency plan for evacuating all their customers and people out of Red Hook if one arrives. I doubt that many people will deal with the bus to get to IKEA, and I too think Sunset Park would have been a far more appropriate location.

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12/30/07 09:09 PM

would be perfect for my bathroom!

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12/22/07 04:26 PM

very stylish.

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12/22/07 04:25 PM

mighty leaf tea for me!

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12/22/07 04:22 PM