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Jan's loft exudes an ethereal elegance with the grounding elements of animal and earth. Fluffy feathered beds float like large white cumulous clouds in her space above the city of the lost angels. My guess is that those lost angels can be found in her apartment where the light streams through the glass and bounces about like happy cherubs. She successfully grounds us with the warm greens; golds, browns and varied textural elements of earth with her many artifacts that she personally brought home from Africa, the birthplace of humankind. It is certainly a place where both angels and men would find please sharing thoughts, enjoying a sunset over a glass of wine.

I was fortunate to have experienced this space during one of her workshops for Ladies Who Launch. Thank you Jan for sharing your beautiful space, I have always loved lofts…I must have been a bird !

Jan & Jerry's Global Decor in the Eastern Columbia Building
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12/7/10 11:13 PM