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The best wedding I've attended was held at the bride's family farm in Northern MN (up nort!) - they had a comfort food buffet, a pie potluck for dessert, and the bride's family was the band. They build a dance floor in the middle of a field and had a live square dancing caller! It was low budget and DIY, but really fun for literally everyone there - not a wedding where the DJ turns up the volume, the disco ball comes out, and everyone over 35 just decides to leave.

Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/12/13 03:24 PM

Target has one right now for $39.99...mixed reviews but it looks pretty decent for the price.

From West Elm to Overstock: Parsons Tables & Desks for All Budgets & Styles
8/4/12 10:33 AM

their picked herring is pretty dang tasty. i was pleasantly surprised!

Do You Have a Favorite IKEA Food?
7/31/12 04:45 PM

Love love love! I am currently working on updating my own bungalow, and this house is SO INSPIRING! I've probably gone through the house tour a dozen times, haha :)

Kirsten & Kyle's Restored Bungalow
Green Tour

10/14/11 10:41 AM

What a dream!

Sue's Simply Stunning Houseboat
House Tour

9/8/11 01:59 PM

I'm going with B! Very cool construction!

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7/1/11 10:24 AM