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Thanks for the feature, Apartment Therapy!!!

And I enjoy reading all of the feedback. What floats someone's boat, doesn't always work for everyone! That's the fun part about design and DIY. I can happily report that there has been no dizziness from the stripes, and that I actually waited about 8 months to post about this project as I wasn't sure if it would hold up to wear + tear + dirt. I'm happy to say that the 'after' photo was after all that time and it still looks in pretty great shape!


Before & After: Back Steps Become a Stairway of Heaven
4/2/14 08:46 AM

Hey guys! The one after photo published doesn't show the rest of the room which shows more of the nursery part of the room (crib, mobile, etc)!!

Here is the before + after link with all of the sources and DIY projects:

Thanks! :)


Before & After: Gemma's New Nursery
8/13/13 05:23 PM

We just finished a bathroom renovation and had to be really clever with the storage. We maximizing the space with a long and narrow floating vanity and storage above the toilet. Makes such a difference!!

Small Space Bathroom Storage Solutions Martha Stewart
5/15/12 11:52 AM

Not for me, but I do know a few couples who do this... whatever makes it work!!


Autonomous and Committed: Living Apart Together
4/27/12 12:06 PM


We refinished an old beaten up coffee table too, and love how it turned out:

Before & After: Two Tone Coffee Table Makeover Paisley and Polka Dot Threads
4/27/12 12:05 PM

@LadyTiffKnee: The comforter is DKNY and came from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Not sure if they are selling it anymore... but I have seen similar tucked versions elsewhere!

thanks! :)

Gemma's Fits Just Perfectly Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 09:26 PM

Thanks for all the sweet comments, folks!! I'm feeling so flattered to be part of this rad group of small abodes.

You can read more about my kitchen makeover here:

And the fun chevron ceiling here:

@DesignAddictBA: There isn't anything photo-shopped in the living room photo. Taking some photos of that room during the day (so without the flash) is on my to-do list, though!


Gemma's Fits Just Perfectly Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 04:55 PM

crazy excited for this!!! i have missed orla since moving back from the UK!


Sneak Preview: Orla Kiely Bedding for Bed, Bath & Beyond
3/8/12 05:00 PM

I think white walls can look amazing- such a great canvas to start a room with!

I recently worked on a condo redesign with white walls and lots of pops of pattern and colour. You can check it out here:

Wonderful White Walled Rooms from Our House Tours Renters Solutions
3/6/12 11:39 PM

I love this idea!

We did something similar a while ago, mounting tin cans on the wall to hold pens/pencils/markers. It has been working really well for us and looks kind of cute too:

Free Up Floor Space by Hanging Baskets and Buckets on The Wall
3/1/12 12:06 PM

Thanks everyone!

@oceandreamer56: We did not remove the flooring underneath, since it was still in good shape, was already vinyl, and provided a good flat surface. As for spills and mopping, it's been a breeze! The tile is so easy to keep clean with some sweeping and mopping every once in a while. Our tiles have shown no hint of becoming unstuck. In my family cottage, we used these same peel and stick tiles about 20 years ago and they are still in great shape! They are definitely a long lasting and well-wearing product. Hope that helps!

Before & After: Gemma's Under $200 Kitchen Spruce Up
2/6/12 05:04 PM

Thanks for the feature, Apartment Therapy!! The kitchen is so much more fresh and fun now. It just feels like a happy space!

thanks again!


Before & After: Gemma's Under $200 Kitchen Spruce Up
2/6/12 03:14 PM

Great collection!

I recently DIYed the capiz shell chandelier, like the design*sponge version. You can check it out here:

5 Bright Ideas for DIY Chandeliers Round Up
10/4/11 06:31 PM

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