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Great tips here. ZomppaLeva offered some great tips and context about reducing food waste (i.e. checking the user date) as her new year's resolution:

Prevent Food Waste And Save Money
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2/17/11 08:23 AM

They are fried wonton strips. Super easy to make on your own! Bake 'em instead of frying them for a slightly healthier option. With take out, they are often served with "duck sauce."

What Are the Crackers That Come With Egg Drop Soup?
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1/4/11 03:51 PM

Oh, I love all of these!! I gotta go with lemon curd! Or lemon bars...or lemon pound cake...or lemon cookies...or....

How Should I Use My First-Ever Bag of Meyer Lemons?
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1/4/11 12:48 PM

Great recipes and photos - LOVE THE ROAST PORK!

North Pole Cupcakes & Crisp Crackling Roast Pork Belly
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12/9/10 10:47 AM

Steamed salted fish and pork over fluffy white rice!!

Favorite Ethnic Comfort Foods: What Are Yours?
12/7/10 11:16 AM

I am addicted to hot chocolate. Crsht - coconut milk sounds great! I love crushed candy canes in whipped cream.

Warm Cups of Cocoa: 7 Ways to Mix It Up
12/7/10 08:51 AM

Great discussion! When I lived in Manhattan, I did all local one winter and it was a lot of squash and potatoes. It took getting used to, but it meant getting creative with what I had. I have to admit, I really missed citrus, too, and make exceptions for some fruits. I also started buying pounds of the "ugly" tomatoes to jar and make basic tomato sauce to have throughout the winter.

'Tis the Season: Locavorism in Winter
12/7/10 08:49 AM