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Continue doing whatever it was that got you to bottom of the bag.

What Can I Do with Broken Tortilla Chips?Ingredient Questions
5/4/12 11:37 PM

Crock pot overnight is the best way because you freeze the extra and they are at your beck and call....that said, I really don't take any recipe to heart because people lie...I eyeball it and tweak where I feel its needed.

P.S. That is one scary a.s photo.

Why Recipe Writers Lie About Caramelizing Onions Slate
5/4/12 10:22 AM

It's where we store stuff to get it out of the way and it's where we dry off the dishes we just washed. Haven't turned the thing on in over 7 years.

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/2/12 04:32 PM


Chill out and try doing it before completing dishing the whole thing. Ten extra minutes is not going to be end of life as you know probably spend the same amount of time (if not more) stopping for doughnuts or a breakfast sandwich. Simply prep it over night. I had 7 kids, I commuted two hours and I spent about 20 minutes every morning doing breakfast and I LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT.

No Time? Make A 5 Minute Breakfast Pita Pizza

3/14/12 09:30 AM

It was cozy and comfortable looking it looks like something Google designers would create...way too much bright white and dark marble contertops....cold and impersonal and looking like its lost from the 70's. .

Kitchen Before & After: A White & Aqua Kitchen Makeover
Tatertots & Jello

2/2/12 06:31 PM

New pans ...yes please~

Win This Cookware Set from Le Creuset!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

11/29/11 12:16 AM

We do the crock-pot-in-an-oven-set to warm- overnight-thing and we've had no problems.

Should I Buy a Yogurt Maker?
Good Questions

6/21/11 11:51 AM

fi_burke, I'm coming to your defense here because the statement she made struck me the same way. I thought "fish?" You usually can't get that many people to agree on what fish they like eat. Plus there are too many people who don't like eating fish peroid (my husband is one) So as for a dish "everyone would eat" I would say fish is not a great choice. It's her party and she can roll it, but unless I know a group of people real well and their seafood habits, I wouldn't do it.

Best Inexpensive Fish or Seafood for Grilling?
Good Questions

6/11/11 05:20 AM

It has become the "People Magazine of Food Magazines". More glitz than quality. June is better than May but not enough for me to keep buying it...I gave it to a neighbor who's a big Gwen fan. We now need a decent "upper-end food mag".

What Do You Think of the New Bon Appétit?
5/24/11 01:10 PM

Not a shocker at all considering you have been able to order mealt and seafood through thier catalog for years.

Williams-Sonoma Now Carries Meat and Poultry
5/23/11 09:48 AM

The basic one I got at the $1 store 5 years ago has rubber grips and continues to work just fine thank you. We decided 20 years ago never to let an electric or fancy gadget one through the front door again.

Why Is Finding A Good Can Opener So Difficult?
3/16/11 05:49 PM

I waste one layer of onion big deal. I run the garlic cove(s) under warm water or boil it first in hot water. And sometimes I just simply put on my big girl panties and cut the usual way and then clean the board.

Help! How Do You Control Onion Skin Clutter?
2/17/11 03:33 AM

I am totally "cling wrap impaired" and consider plastic wrap "the devil's spawn" so I will give this a try.

If You're Going to Use Plastic Wrap, Try Stretch-Tite
2/17/11 03:28 AM

That's because the pricing is controlled by the trends and "food hysterians". Right now the flavor of the day for the hysterians is "Gluten-Free this and Gluten-Free that". I can guarantee you half the people have no idea what this even means but producers know if they put it on the product label they can jack up price.

We have gone through the "no-fat" "no-carbs" "vegetarian" "organic" "vegan" roller coaster of food marketing and it gets tiresome.When you have regular salt advertising on its label that it's fat free, we have gone to far.

I go to a restaurant and see "Our eggs come from whatever organic local farmers" and you what that means? That means I'm paying 3 times as much as I normally would. And I can't taste any difference. I don't know the farm, the farmers or his fields.

Being smart about how you eat does not have to be a bandwagon affair and eating healthly shouldn't be driven by trends and overpriced food items but it is.

Study Finds People Ate Less Sustainably in 2010 vs. 2009
1/28/11 11:19 AM

I am with you on this one. I haven't let an electric can opener through the front door since 1999. And I continue to hold firm.

Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Basic Can Opener
1/27/11 06:09 PM

I am about to swan dive on the overkill on gluten-free this and gluten-free that. We went through the fat free, no carbs, vegetarian, then vegan dog and pony shows and now we're over dosing on everything gluten-free. Can we mix it up a bit and get a bit more variety?

Flying Apron's Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookbook Review & Recipe from Flying Apron's Gluten-Free & Vegan Baking Book

1/19/11 06:57 PM

I am cling wrap impaired...and I vowed this year to stop using the crap after the current roll is gone. I will try this and see if I it makes a difference. Thanks.

A Tip for Static-Free Plastic Wrap: Put It In the Freezer
1/11/11 11:13 AM

Doctor's group my butt...more over extreme PETA people.

Doctors' Group Sues USDA Over Vegetarian Food Pyramid
Food News for Friday, January 7

1/10/11 07:59 AM