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I had to laugh when I read the Boy George quote - I was at a Sydney Mardi Gras party one year when a poor party-goer was flattened by a giant mirror ball which fell from the ceiling. BTW - excellent space!

Christopher & Javier's "Mid-C Techno-Industrial" Loft
House Tour

7/14/11 04:06 AM

I worked in PR for a number of years for an international hotel chain which meant 'living in' for long stretches at various properties. The single-most thing I often did to make my room feel more like home was a simple request to housekeeping NOT to service my room daily (more often every three days). It meant I made my own bed most days (or left it in a state of dissaray as the mood took me!)...and requested a room service when I wanted it. Just knowing the room would be exactly as I left it when I came back of an evening was great, and housekeeping loved me for it!

Tips for Feeling at Home in a Hotel
7/14/11 04:01 AM

Opposite problem in the Southern Hemisphere at present...staying cool during a Sydney summer!

Winter Nights: Tips for Keeping Warm in Bed
Reader Intelligence Report

3/2/11 11:01 PM

If I'm not mistaken, this property and its construction was featured in an episode of the UK television series 'Grand Designs'.

The Crossway Passivhaus
12/7/10 09:43 PM

Anyone else find the elf candles disturbingly pornographic? (Note to self: Add to decor shopping list).

Favorite Holiday Tabletop Decor & Dining Products

12/6/10 04:17 PM