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YAY! Because not sure if anyone else has notice, the Dwell Studio stuff at Target is dwindling. Which is a total bummer since i am expecting my first child in Early Dec. and I can find any Dwell stuff at Target for her. After years of buy all that cute stuff for friends and family members babies!

Missoni For Target
8/11/11 02:36 PM

I HAVE A SOLUTION...at least it worked for me.

I went through 2 ATVs, 3 hours of tech support and a trip to the Apple Genius bar before some at apple tech support had me change my broadcast channel on my router, and it worked! He had me change it to the highest channel, 11, and it worked...i couldn't believe it! Because the day before I took my ATV to the genius bar, and they just handed me a new unit. I plugged in new unit and it didn't work at all. My previous unit had worked great for about 3 weeks till i did the software update.
I was surprised to find out that the genius bar gets about 2 people a month with ATV issues, since when my issues developed it seemed pretty common. I wasn't willing to give up on Apple. I just couldn't believe they had failed so miserably. I don't think ATV lives up to their normal standards, and there are a lots of issues they have no control over, and I'm just happy it's working again (knock on wood!)

Laments of an Apple TV Owner, A Cautionary Tale
2/13/11 09:36 PM

I have the same coffee table! Found it in my grandparents basement :)

Nan and Michael's Craftsman Flat
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1/8/11 01:41 PM