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"Nothing is more daunting than moving to a new city." Really? Nothing? Unless the new city is someplace like Khartoum, Juárez, or Baghdad, I have a hard time seeing how this could be true.

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12/27/13 12:35 PM

If enduring your landlord's threats for three more months sounds intolerable, you should meet with a lawyer who specializes in landlord/tenant matters. Your state bar association can recommend one.

You have what's called a "right of quiet enjoyment" of your rental. This means, among other things, that your landlord may not threaten eviction just to intimidate you or shut you up. It also means that your neighbors' behavior is your landlord's problem.

In one hour's time, a lawyer can draft a letter to your landlord that will end all of this nonsense. The lawyer's time will probably cost you a couple of hundred dollars -- but that seems like a small price to get this situation resolved.

Also, do not stop paying your rent. That is terrible advice.

How To Deal With Threatened Eviction?
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12/22/10 11:38 AM

@farybekk: It looks like Blue Bottle to me.

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