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CREE is awesome! Thanks AT - this would be great considering SDG&E just increased utility rates to make up for the San Onofre closure/failure. Now if only CREE made AC units, ranges, and TVs...

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9/25/13 05:15 PM

It isn't ruined. When I seasoned my carbon steel pan I used too much oil and perhaps left it too hot for too long. I had the same sticky problem. You can either scrub it off with a steel scour pad and cleaner or just ride it out. Scrub it down as much as you can without soap and continue to season it and then use it. If you cook more higher fat foods and less watery vegetables in it for the first few times it'll be easier to glide over that sticky spot. Every time you use it, you can try to scratch at it with your spatula or just take another scrub at it when you clean it out. It'll eventually go away. Even if it polymerized, it can still be seasoned over.

You can't really ruin a carbon steel pan - just like you can't really ruin a cast iron pan, unless you somehow break them in half or warp them. Just keep a positive outlook and use it patiently. =)

Help! Did I Ruin My New Carbon Steel Wok?
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8/19/11 10:35 PM

maybe if you oil the edges it'll come off easier when you heat it up and cool off the lid. the higher pressure steam probably escaped around the edges while cooking and when it cooled, a vacuum formed inside, making it even harder to remove. wear gloves just in case it decides to pop off and the hot pan comes your way. maybe stick it in the freezer first to cool everything, and then take it out and heat the pan quickly.

Help! Why Did This Lid Fuse to the Pan?
5/3/11 02:29 PM