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Love it! Very cute and colorful.

Kitchen Before & After: A Small Outdated Kitchen Gets a Fantastic Green Makeover Kitchen Remodel
6/11/12 01:47 PM

Love it! I think the bedroom is my favorite space. That bed is gorgeous. And I can see why you love that couch. I'm in the west suburbs—I'll have to check out your blog and your parents' shop too!

Veronica & Keith's Handmade Chic House Tour
5/30/12 02:40 PM

Before! We had two weeks between closing on our first house and vacating our rental home. I was able to scatter paint chips in each room for a few days to see how the light changed from day to day, and that made the color picking process easier (I already had an idea of what colors I wanted). Then I would spend at least a few hours a day washing walls, spackling, and painting walls and ceilings. I did 90% of it myself. I ran out of time at the end, so I never got around to painting the kitchen ceiling (it's already white and doesn't really need it too badly). We moved in shortly after, and it took a good year to unpack, decorate, and organize, especially with my special-needs toddler taking up most of my free time. I'm still working on organizing the basement, and it's been a year and a half since we've moved. All I can say is there'd be no way I could find the time (nor energy) to do all that painting now, especially with a new baby on the way.

Should I Paint Before or After Moving In? Good Questions
5/30/12 02:03 PM

I have some inexpensive art in my bathroom, including framed prints, and I love it. But I'd be concerned about the (apparently) antique photos in that last bathroom. I have one of those antique panoramic photos (mine is from the '20s) and it's very delicate. I don't think I'd hang anything sensitive or valuable in the bathroom. Bathrooms can get very humid. If I really wanted that look (which I think is really cool), I'd make copies and frame those, and hang them in the bathroom while storing the originals somewhere else.

More than Mirrors: Art on Bathroom Walls
5/17/12 01:14 PM

Or is it green? Lol.

Before & After: From IKEA Basic to a Vintage-Look Card Catalog The Painted Hive
5/4/12 02:51 PM

I like the little blue clock.

Before & After: From IKEA Basic to a Vintage-Look Card Catalog The Painted Hive
5/4/12 02:51 PM

I love the green bench and chair.

Inside The Lovely Studio Of Adore Vintage Workspace Tour
5/4/12 12:44 PM

I have vintage fruit crate labels framed and hung in my kitchen, along with decorative bundt pans, and a collection of vintage cow creamers on display. And I just ordered vintage-style tea towels with fruit designs on them to make into curtains. It all makes the kitchen so colorful and cheerful.

Food (Art) for Thought: Prints for the Kitchen
5/4/12 12:07 PM

Oh, and I just showed my hubby how to use it last night for the first time...he's going to be doing a lot of dishes on his own while I'm recovering from having the baby, so he'd better start learning now :)

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/4/12 09:36 AM

I just got a dishwasher this January as a gift from my inlaws...the first one I've ever had in my life (I'm 38). I didn't even know how to load it properly, or what to do with the various detergents until I read the manual. I'm married with a toddler and a baby on the way, so right now our family mainly produces lots of drinking glasses, plates, sippy cups, and silverware. There were bottles recently too, until the little guy gave them up completely for his sippy cups. We dirty enough dishes to need it several times a week, sometimes 6-7 if I'm cooking at home a lot. This week I threw my back out at 30w+ pregnant, so there's been a lot of paper plates and fast meals, and very little dishwasher activity. Still, we normally use it almost daily, and I'll never go back to hand washing! I'm the one who does the dishes 99% of the time, and it has saved me so much time and energy, especially when washing bottles, which took me forever and had to be done daily.

Oh, and ours is one of those portable ones. They are still very much around. It takes up precious space in our tiny kitchen, but it's worth it.

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/4/12 09:33 AM

I'm doing a lot of projects around the house before our next baby is born, so I have lots of pix of rooms/areas I'm working on. Otherwise it's hard to remember exactly the configuration of a room, or the mix of colors, or the way doors open, etc., when I'm at the store getting supplies. I also keep notes of all the measurements I'm using (frame sizes, curtain lengths, furniture sizes/colors needed, etc.). I also take pictures of things I'm going to frame so I can look at those pictures while at the store and make the best match for the piece I need to frame, which is especially handy for paintings. And I take pictures of a room during different lighting situations, or edit them in paint apps and try out different colors (pillows, curtains, etc.). And if I see something online I like I'll save the image so I can refer to it later.

A great app for keeping running shopping lists is Shopper. I have numerous running lists for each store I go to, so when I think of something I need, I just enter it in Shopper. Then later on when I'm at the store I have a list of all the things that I need to get. It's better than carrying around scraps of paper (although I still occasionally do that for a quick run to the grocery store). The only thing is you have to remember to actually put the stuff you need on the list. Sometimes I think of something but instantly forget to put it in Shopper, and end up having to go back to the store.

10 Snapshots You Should Keep in Your Phone's Photo Album
5/2/12 02:15 PM

That's funny, because I'm an Xer and have been gardening since I was a teenager, as has my Xer sister and brother, and most of my Xer friends. My little brother, a Yer, is very into gardening right now, and is actually really good at it. Many of his friends are gardeners too. My niece (a Yer) has even started an earth club at college, and they are working on such things as planting gardens, trees, and cleaning up outdoor areas. I think our generations are very aware of the current economic conditions, and are preferring our food fresher and less processed. So veggie gardens (and even herbs) are very popular, as are flower gardens, and even tree planting.

I do think retailers are missing out on a big market. The selection at the various outdoor stores seems limited, or filled with the same old stuff. There's very little focus on container gardens, or gardens for people with limited space. And yes, time is a big factor with many of us having full-time jobs (or more, just to make ends meet), plus raising families, going to school, etc. It's hard to find time to garden, even though the desire is there. Plus I think people are still (unfortunately) focused on bringing in extra needed income, and doing lots more DIY around the house to help save money.

Not sure what the solution is, but I just wanted to say we're out there, and there are lots of us!

Where Are the Gen X & Y Gardeners? The Gardenist
5/2/12 12:13 PM

Funny...I was just about to say, Lovely! I love all the serene white mixed with the bright pops of color, black accents, and the neutral background (branch curtain rods, hardwood floors, wooden furniture). I also love the quirky touches, like the "Sucre" container as a flower pot, and the bottle collection on the gorgeous fireplace mantel. It's a very similar palette/style to my own home, except much quieter, and with more of a cottage feel. Very pretty!

Elizabeth's Urban Artist Retreat
House Tour

1/12/12 03:15 PM

I heartily agree with all the naysayers. I really, really miss the old AT. It's almost unpleasant to look at now, and no longer inspires me at a glance. In my opinion, there were very minor issues with the old AT that needed fixing (typos and such, comment feedback, etc.). Other than that, it was lovely. It would be wonderful if the powers that be could just flip a switch and change it all back. I'm not so sure I feel the urge to check back daily anymore. It's just very sad.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/12/12 12:24 PM

That's what I was going to say. They'd look nice on an upholstered chair, or a loveseat/sofa in the room. Or you can hang the spread on the wall as a sort of tapestry, depending on how big and thick it is. You can even have the spread made into curtains.

Incorporate Guest Bedding into Office/Dressing Room?
Good Questions

10/10/11 01:36 PM

Lovely. Very similar in taste to my aesthetic, except I have a lot more color going on in my house, and not as big of a collection of cool stuff (give me time though!). I love the hand holding the sponge in the kitchen. Where's it from? Also the blue chair with the white ottoman in the bedroom is gorgeous. I'm sure that's one-of-a-kind. Love the queen and king screens too!

Johnelle & Brian's Rejuvenated Treasures Home
House Tour

10/8/11 12:16 PM

I have several: a walk-in closet, a walk-in pantry, a mudroom, a library, and most of all, a studio. I'm carving out a space in the basement for a studio (not the greatest spot), but the rest will have to wait for a future addition/renovation of some sort.

Room of Requirement: What's Your Dream "Special" Room?
10/7/11 10:37 AM

Make sure you measure before bringing big pieces of furniture home. I swore an empire-style antique dresser would fit up our tiny, winding staircase when we first moved in. Guess what? It didn't. Now it sits in my dining room, and is super useful as a buffet/storage. But I would have bought an old wardrobe for that space instead, because we have nowhere to put visitor's coats when they come over. And it still could have been used as dining room storage too. Oh well, I love that dresser anyhow :)

And along those lines, live in your home for a while before making big furniture decisions (if possible), or buying a bunch of stuff that you think you'll need. And don't be afraid to put up some decorations and artwork. Things can be moved around, and it'll make your home feel more like a home.

9 Things I Wish I'd Known About Decorating a First Home
10/6/11 12:25 PM

I love all the colors. And that credenza/dresser is lovely!

A Colorful Family Brownstone in Park Slope
The Nest Magazine

10/4/11 11:16 AM

Gorgeous, all of it, but especially that outdoor space.

John's Memory-Filled Miracle Mile Home
House Tour

10/4/11 11:13 AM