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In stark contrast, the farmers in and around Austin and Bastrop, TX are suffering from drought and wildfires wiping out farms. We've been told that the drought is expected to last at least another year. CSA farms are so lucky to have that community support, but how can you make food grow in conditions that won't allow it?

How do you keep a farmer employed during a drought, or after a flood?

After the Flood: A Tale of Two Farmers
9/27/11 03:53 PM

give us Apartment Therapy AUSTIN! very nice home, great rugs.

Erin's Vintage-Filled Austin Home
House Call

9/16/11 12:36 PM

All right, folks, let's clear up this plant propaganda. Plants do NOT release carbon dioxide at night.

Photorespiration is the process being referring to. Plants do tend to have a higher affinity for oxygen over carbon dioxide during extended dark periods. They use the oxygen is this energy-costly process to make carbon dioxide for THEMSELVES, so that photosynthesis can continue to occur, albeit less efficiently.

They don't release it, otherwise the energy expended to convert it to a useful form would be wasted.

Breath Of Fresh Air: Plants In The Bedroom
3/27/11 05:54 PM

A great way to remove the glochids is by burning them off with a lighter. Getting stuck in the lip is always a pain..

Seasonal Spotlight: Prickly Pear Fruit
1/6/11 06:10 PM

Maidenhair ferns need lots of mineral-rich water! Adding crushed eggshells to the soil provides calcium and should do the trick.

Lizzy360 - I believe the fabric is from an Austin designer featured earlier this week

Adding Happiness at Home with Houseplants
12/3/10 04:21 PM