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French press all the way. You can also make it for cold coffee recipes too, and tea. And then I just toss the leftover grounds into my garden. The pepper plants love them!

How Do You Make Your Morning Coffee? Good Questions
9/17/12 11:55 AM

But whenever I have a craving for scones I want to cook them RIGHT that second. I never have enough patience to wait overnight. Then I always regret making them because they turn out a mess. Maybe I should just learn to wait...

Baking Tip: The Secret to Taller, Flakier, and More Stately Scones
8/23/12 01:42 PM

Grew up just south of Charlottesville, it's by far my favorite town. And please, don't forget to get a delicious bagel from Bodo's Bagels, seriously, the best bagels ever.

A Design Lover's Guide to Charlottesville Apartment Therapy's Design Destination Guide
8/5/12 08:55 PM

I had the greatest tomato harvest, until my friend whom I asked to take care of them while on vacation, didn't water them. I came back to them dried and brown and crisp, with no life left. it was highly disappointing.

Homegrown Tomatoes: Diagnosing & Fixing Troubles The Gardenist
8/4/12 04:06 PM

As long as the piano is in tune, and everything works as it should, I'm totally fine with this piano reno!

Before & After: The Red Piano Inside Out
6/28/12 05:09 PM

Yes - MXFITZ is right. Skim milk has more chemicals than whole milk, which your body cannot digest. Albeit it's lower in calories/fat, it's not exactly healthier. The fat in whole milk has more nutrients in it than skim, making it better for younger children and their growing bodies. Also it just tastes better.

The Easiest, Simplest Way to Make Frozen Yogurt Popsicles
5/22/12 02:53 PM

If you water your gardens/lawns enough, then sure - everything is nice and green. I'm in north Dallas and the grass is already dying. I think I may be the only one on here that thinks Texas is not that pretty though. Nothing is in bloom in Dallas since everything will die in about a month, so it always seems like no one cares about the landscape here.

Green Spaces of Texas Well-Designed Travel
5/18/12 10:18 AM

I honestly hate greek yogurt. I've tried all brands, I really have. It tastes very chalky to me, and I have to drown it in honey and other stuffs, which I guess isn't bad. But, sorry folks, no greek yogurt for me!

Blind Taste Testing Greek-Style Yogurt Brands: Which One Wins? New York Magazine
5/1/12 09:50 AM

im glad im not the only one who thought of that on the first photo

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts: Ideas From a NYC Pop-Up Shop
2/9/12 09:51 PM

I love these! It's a shame that he won't ship them to the US :-(

Rob Ryan's Four Seasons: Papercut Ceramic Plates
11/17/11 02:21 PM

these all sound amazing.

The Prettiest: Leaf-Wrapped Cheese
The Cheesemonger

11/16/11 03:04 PM

where did you get those lamps? i love them!

Rachel's "New Avocado" Room
11/10/11 09:46 AM

Why can't there be something like this in Texas?! I'm a cheese fanatic!!

The Best Deal In Cheese: The American Cheese Passport
The Cheesemonger

10/12/11 02:29 PM

Whew. I'm glad I wasn't the only one with pictures EVERYWHERE on the wall. Luckily I've grown out of that.. although I love gallery walls, luckily it's not the same thing!

The Lives of Teenagers...As Seen in their Bedroom Decor
Teenage Bedroom

9/23/11 03:04 PM

I grew up on an apple farm, and now consider myself a bit of an apple snob, which I'm okay with. McIntosh are the BEST to make applesauce with. Winesap and staymen's are good as well for cooking, and they keep so well (until March in your fridge!) I love apples, and am so sad I live further away from my parent's farm - they always have the freshest produce.

What's Your Favorite Apple Variety?
9/22/11 03:15 PM

I'm very jealous you live on the island. I have family in Edgartown and my favorite part of growing up was visiting them on Martha's Vineyard - best lobster ever! I also love your little cottage! ;-)

Kiley's Cozily Compact Cape Cod Cottage
House Call

9/20/11 03:50 PM

exactly one month after I moved cross country for a job right out of college, I moved into these little duplex, which just the right size, and price for me. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible, until the baby cockroaches came. Apparently a nest or so had hatched into the walls, giving me millions of baby oriental cockroaches every day throughout the carpet/bathroom/everything. I had it exterminated twice and it was like I was giving them sugar water. I moved out as soon as I could. Thank god I got a new job a year later...

The Things You Didn't Know When You Moved In
9/20/11 10:17 AM

I grew up on an apple farm, and we have always pressed and sold unpasteurized cider. We also press it as each different apple comes into season, so there is more turnover, and more variety. It's seriously the best stuff on earth. And, if you have it sit long enough, it gets "jumpy" as my grandmother calls it. Yay for REAL apple juice!

The Real Deal: Have You Ever Tried Unpasteurized Cider?
9/14/11 02:56 PM

@mandala123 - thanks! I've been trying to find polaroid film for my polaroid cam and have been extremely unsuccessful. Thanks for the link!

3 Reasons You Should Be Displaying Your Polaroids
9/12/11 02:14 PM

This. This is why I don't fall into the "organic" scheme. Yes, it's a nice idea, for sure. However, like wistfuldreamer said, family farmer's methods of using pesticides and herbicides to protect the produce from harmful pests, and also act as vitamins for the fruit, make the produce last for generations. My family has a century farm, and has been successfully farming apples since the 18th century, and it's because of this, that our produce still keeps producing.

Why Organic Doesn't Mean Pesticide-Free

6/20/11 04:46 PM