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I don't have a TV, a mobile phone, or an MP3 player. I don't have any electronic gadjets; I just don't need them. But my laptop? As a previous commenter said, you would have to pry it from my cold dead fingers.
From watching movies and online television programmes on demand, staying in touch with friends, and listening to music, to graphic design and research for various projects, I use my laptop daily. An invaluable tool with which I could not produce half the work I do currently. What is a flat felled seam in sewing? How do I make a centred double decrease in knitting? What's a great recipe for chicken pie? I have a large collection (read: library) of books, but I could not even fathom ammassing enough books to even begin to rival the vast amount of information available on the web.

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1/20/11 11:04 PM