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We just put up a pegboard on our huge empty kitchen wall. I LOVE having all the pots and pans organized and in arm's reach! http://pinterest.com/pin/81135230758671860/

Pegboards in the Kitchen
3/5/13 03:53 PM

My husband and I both lost 11 lbs in a month after moving to San Francisco, simply by walking to and from work.

I don't mind the schlepping when I'm walking. It's the schlepping on buses that drive me crazy, especially through busy neighborhoods like Chinatown. I'd rather walk 4 miles with bags hanging off my arms than cram in a dirty, smelly bus.

It's funny — I'll complain about dragging my luggage up the hill from Bart to our apt, and my mother-in-law (who lives in the East Bay) will ask, "Why don't you just grab a cab?" Seems like a logical solution, but it's only 7 blocks… hee hee.

Schlepping: The Ultimate Urban Workout
8/27/12 01:25 PM

Love it! Congratulations on such a beautiful, hand-made home. I dream of a place like this!

My husband and I lived in 126 square feet (a Toyota Dolphin motorhome), along with a 55 lb dog. The close quarters, and lack of material things, brought us only closer together, forming a bond I'm not sure we could have found any other way. As Leonardo da Vinci (apparently) once said: "Small rooms or dwellings set the mind in the right path, large ones cause it to go astray."

One note about the bathroom situation. Our motorhome had a full bathroom – shower, toilet, sink, and a closet – and it was never a problem considering the small space. A place that small… always have matches on hand. ;)

Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny
Home on the Range House Tour

7/19/12 04:40 PM

Do you think you can make enough for the week, freeze them and zap one in the microwave every morning? SO GOOD!

Soft and Pretty: Eggs en Cocotte
1/26/12 12:45 PM

@HERAHERE Good point about the earthquakes and how the doors stop nothing. I just moved to SF and would love to put open shelves on a giant blank wall in our kitchen, but the thought of an big earthquake was stopping me. I just might do it now, after researching how to install into our old plaster walls!

How To Know if You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving
1/19/12 02:13 PM

One tip I learned from my dad "The Dishwasher" — after you wash your dishes, wash out your sink and wipe down all the counters with damp clean rag. Quick and easy.

How To Clean Your Kitchen (and Keep it Clean) in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
1/18/12 01:50 PM

FYI ya'll: You have to do something 21 times to make it a habit!

I go through my mail between the mail box and my front door. By the time I get inside, I have a handful of recycling and another handful of keepers.

My in-laws create AT LEAST one short bag of trash a day, and it baffles me. My husband and I live in a composting and recycling apartment building. If I combine ALL our trash cans, we fill up one tall one once a week, a tall recycling once a week, and a compost pail twice a week.

I'm constantly trying to get into the habit of doing the dishes after every meal — no dishwasher for us!. It's so gross to leave dishes for a day… or more…

5 Things To Do 10 Minutes Before You Go To Bed
12/15/11 02:20 PM

Jessica - I want to see your galoshes photo series!

Nesting Necessities: Fall Provisions
10/10/11 03:21 PM

We have a sisal rug (I supposed it's an outdoor rug) in our living room and and the older it gets softer it is. While it's not plush, it's sturdy!

Can I Really Use an Outdoor Carpet Indoors?
Good Questions

9/26/11 01:15 PM

Brings tears to my eyes! You can really feel the love John has for his home. As much I love living in the city (SF), I fantasize of a small ranch with my own garden, animals, and a self-sustaining lifestyle. So inspiring.

Lifestyle Switch: Going Head First into Homesteading
9/21/11 02:26 PM

I cannot believe how harsh people judge and criticize others' life choices! I think their home is beautiful, proof that just because you are poor doesn't mean you don't have style!

Living a Creative, Fulfilling Life on $17,000
The New York Times

9/20/11 04:40 PM

Just saw some paint chip art on The Good Wife last night, in Julianna Margulies' character's office.

Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art
9/19/11 03:49 PM

This is filed under San Francisco. Do you guys live in SF and travel up to BC for your weekend vacations? I may have missed this in the previous comments, but how do you get to the island without ferry service? Do you own a boat? Thanks!

Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
House Tour

9/7/11 01:24 PM

This is so wonderfully inspiring! My husband Adam and I dream of having a little plot of land with a DIY cabin – just as Adam's grandparents did. Kuddos to you Tammy, John, Sam, Will, and Dobbs! Your story definitely makes the dream seem more attainable! -PS What kind of dog is your pup? Looks like a Portie…?

Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
House Tour

9/7/11 01:06 PM

I think the best solution to tv placement is to either not have a tv, or have a small unassuming one. I refuse to get a bigger tv than the one we have — it would take over the room. Our tv — http://goo.gl/LZEEk

Setting Up Home: Finding the Right Spot for the TV
8/5/11 02:13 PM

As a graphic designer, I think it's definitely an improvement on the previous chart (with the stairway to heaven), and is a simple way to convey the guidelines. In regards to proportions, I think ya'll are reading into it much too literally. It's meant to represent what percentage of your daily intake should be, not how much you should fill your plate each meal. Now whether the guidelines are for everyone, or are "good" guidelines, is another story.

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Food Plate
6/4/11 02:53 AM

YakkoDot: You CAN live in a trailer with dogs! Our dog took to our vintage motorhome very quickly. While we worked "at home" in our trailer, we did leave her whenever we'd go mountain biking, out to eat, etc. You just have to make sure if you are in a warm environment, that you leave your air-conditioner on while you're out. It's the same as a car — can get hot very quickly in warm weather, even with the windows open.

Living Large in an Airstream Trailer
House Tour

3/15/11 07:07 PM

I salute Matthew and his girlfriend! They are livin' the life. My husband and I, plus our 55lb dog, lived & worked out of a self-refurbished 21ft Toyota Dolphin motorhome for 3 months this past summer. (We had our giant iMac hooked up as well!) It taught us that you need very little to be happy and satisfied — it pretty much cured my over-consumption habit. We now live in a small one-bedroom apt in SF, and it's still too big for my liking. I miss that Dolphin every day.

Living Large in an Airstream Trailer
House Tour

3/15/11 07:01 PM

My duvet was a gift bought from Macy's. For duvet covers, TJMaxx is the only place buy them — even though I drool over all the ones in the catalogs too. It takes some digging, and usually a few trips to the store to find the perfect one, but I'm pretty casual about it. And for the price, all the searching is fine with me. Generally, TJMaxx is just about the only place I buy linens, unless Macy's is having a killer sale.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
3/10/11 07:43 PM

What brand / where did you get your bike rack? MUST HAVE. :)

Katie's Inside and Outside Mission Loft
House Tour

3/7/11 06:46 PM