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Betty Crocker's gf brownies are awesome! I add in a half bag of additional chocolate chips and they are amazing. They even won an Epicurious taste test contest!

Product Review: Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Brownie Mix
1/19/11 11:45 PM

Welcome to being gluten-free! In fact, the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center will send you a care package for joining the club ( I loved that -- it as like a present welcoming me into the club! Seriously though, I think the best "tool" you will have is a good attitude. I found instead of focusing on all the things I couldn't eat, I focused on ALL the things I could. There's really not much you can't eat when you're gluten-free (if it's made from scratch) and I truly believe that us celiac have the perfect motivator to eat things from scratch and avoid all that yucky processed crap. I have a blog where I feature simple recipes you can check out ( but really, just focus on everything you CAN still eat and it will make all the difference. Good luck!

Help a Newly-Diagnosed Celiac Teen Learn How to Cook!
Good Questions

1/18/11 01:22 PM

I have celiac disease and so am medically required to be gluten-free ... and I love it! I truly believe (at best) it can encourage people to cook from scratch and eat better. It definitely has for me! I have a little blog that features recipes and tips on being gluten-free.

Welcome to Gluten-Free Week at The Kitchn!
1/18/11 01:11 PM

mrsbsc - the color on the walls is from Lowes, it's from their Olympic line and it's called Oyster Shell. Hope that helps :) ~ Amy

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