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I *really* hate this. I read this site every day and scroll down post by post ensuring that I don't miss anything. For some reason, on the main page older posts are mixed in with newer ones and it doesnt seem to be in order? I really dont have the time or patience to go invidually through categories so that I see everything. Horrible idea, its way simpler to put EVERYTHING under the main, and posts can be skipped, rather than having to go search out topics. I guess I have just popped my negative comment cherry. Im so disappointed with this.

Welcome to Apartment Therapy 3.0!
1/10/12 05:00 AM

Like sheschemes, I have been looking for a large bottle vase for months as well. Can anyone help? I live in London and have looked at Ebay, and pretty much every highstreet shop.

On Trend in Europe: The Handcrafted Hippie Home Look
10/19/11 04:58 AM

Holiday time is the deal breaker for my boyfriend and I when it comes to us deciding whether or not we would ever want to move to the US, he cannot believe you only get 2 weeks. 4 Weeks is standard here in Europe.

A Short History of Getting Away from It All
7/13/11 06:28 AM

@ Helgaj, not sure how they do it in America, but here in the UK they chose specifically outside the city as its cheaper, and there is more space. They then offer a free shuttle from the nearest tube or train station. There are 3 in the Greater London area and all are a nightmare to get to if you live in central London as I do. Worth it though, even if just for the 50p hotdog. :)

IKEAs of the World
4/13/11 12:11 PM

This is down the street from where I work, just down New Fetter Lane off Holborn Circus (heading towards Fleet street).

Green Wall at New Street Square in London
12/2/10 08:23 AM