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Not a weird question at all - yes there is a little panel hidden in the niche, as well as one on the side wall (next to the plant) to access the toilet. We're hoping we don't have to see what it's like to access either anytime soon!

Derona's Mini Duplex Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 05:38 PM

I *really* hate this. I read this site every day and scroll down post by post ensuring that I don't miss anything. For some reason, on the main page older posts are mixed in with newer ones and it doesnt seem to be in order? I really dont have the time or patience to go invidually through categories so that I see everything. Horrible idea, its way simpler to put EVERYTHING under the main, and posts can be skipped, rather than having to go search out topics. I guess I have just popped my negative comment cherry. Im so disappointed with this.

Welcome to Apartment Therapy 3.0!
1/10/12 05:00 AM

Like sheschemes, I have been looking for a large bottle vase for months as well. Can anyone help? I live in London and have looked at Ebay, and pretty much every highstreet shop.

On Trend in Europe: The Handcrafted Hippie Home Look
10/19/11 04:58 AM

Holiday time is the deal breaker for my boyfriend and I when it comes to us deciding whether or not we would ever want to move to the US, he cannot believe you only get 2 weeks. 4 Weeks is standard here in Europe.

A Short History of Getting Away from It All
7/13/11 06:28 AM

@ Helgaj, not sure how they do it in America, but here in the UK they chose specifically outside the city as its cheaper, and there is more space. They then offer a free shuttle from the nearest tube or train station. There are 3 in the Greater London area and all are a nightmare to get to if you live in central London as I do. Worth it though, even if just for the 50p hotdog. :)

IKEAs of the World
4/13/11 12:11 PM

This is down the street from where I work, just down New Fetter Lane off Holborn Circus (heading towards Fleet street).

Green Wall at New Street Square in London
12/2/10 08:23 AM