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Thanks for noting how obvious the missing ' is. It was driving me batty (they don't sell one) and I was using other objects to stand for an apostrophe, tried to make my own out of a cardboard box, etc but everyone kept telling me it was fine as it was. Polite liars!!! The prints are Etsy GusandLola, a newhistory, Land of Nod (gift) and the far left is a cut out I made at home. The paint color was a custom match from a swatch I pulled out of a House Beautiful mag, I lost it in the chaos..so there will be no touch ups here. The room is about to get a reno because we need to make space- headed back to China next summer for boy #2!

Ben's \"Welcome Home\" Room My Room
8/11/13 12:34 AM

I made the exact same mobile for my son, cranes and all! The only difference was I cut off the photo clips and tied the cranes on instead. So funny to see the same DIY mobile! Love it!

Maren's Wee and Winsome Nursery
Nursery Tour

9/27/11 01:28 PM

The desk behind the couch is BRILLIANT for my small place. We recently had to eliminate our den, with the only desk in the flat to "make way for toddler." AND we have some dead space behind our couch. I can't wait to go home and move some furniture.

5 Ideas for Your Apartment from Architectural Digest
1/7/11 01:40 PM