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Something that I like to do is to go to a bookstore and wander among the aisles looking for interesting books, and then when I find one, I scan the ISBN barcode with my phone, and then I can check when I get home if I want to purchase it.

Sometimes, though, I will purchase the actual book, if it's something that I want to see lining my bookshelves. The e-reader is much more convenient, but I still love having a shelf full of my favorite books that I can look at.

A Bookworm's eReader Experience
6/20/11 01:25 PM

While I want everything that I see on the tech / style blogs that I follow, the only thing that I actually WANT is the iPad 2. It would be really useful to me for school, with the upcoming Taposé app and a capacitative stylus, along with its PDF rendering capabilities and the ability to (potentially) get color ebooks of my texts. The sheer lightness of it is also a big selling point; I have a laptop, but having an even smaller device (particularly one on which I could take notes in math and science, with the drawings and diagrams and symbols that are difficult to type on normal keyboards) would be wonderful.

Birthday Wish List: I'll Show You Mine, You Show Me Yours
6/10/11 02:39 PM

I have a photograph similar to the ferris wheel print that I took at a local carnival; this post reminds me that I need to get a fram to hang it up on the wall.

I have a lot of photographs that I've printed that are still unmounted on the wall. I guess I've got a project for next week.

8 Fun Finds to Bring a Little Summertime to Your Home
6/3/11 07:22 PM

It's certainly beautiful, but a home like that would drive me INSANE. To keep it relatively dust free, I'd have to be cleaning those tchotchkes virtually non-stop. And with my animals, there would be a neverending mess of broken ceramics littering the floor.

That said, it would be lovely to visit it, and see all the colorful decorations.

Iris Apfel's "Exuberant" Home in Architectural Digest
6/3/11 02:18 PM

The leather slipper seems really silly. It might look nice, but if it serves no purpose that isn't accomplished by the $5 option (and in fact, the $5 option is much more flexible and can serve other purposes besides protecting your desk from your iMac) it's pointless to spend that much money on it.

High & Low: Desk-Scratch-Protecting Computer Feet
6/3/11 01:46 PM

Earlier in the year I moved all of my clothing out of my dresser, and into my closet, so I have more room in my room. I also got rid of my bed frame, so my box-spring is sitting directly on the floor -- no change in usable space, but it's much easier to clean my room now that dust and dog hair doesn't collect under the bed. The only other things in my room are a small shelf holding books, vinyl records and photographs, and my writing desk with my grandfather's vintage wooden office chair (I think he made it himself, but I'm not sure).

Because I am living with my parents, there's a lot of furniture in the house that I don't like, but they do. There's also furniture that none of us like, but we don't have the money to replace them.

What Piece of Furniture Are You Willing to Do Without?
6/3/11 01:43 PM

I would have taped the cord along the back of the shelf over to the corner of the walls, and then placed the cord-hider there, so it's even less noticeable.

You've Got to Hide Your Cord Away
6/2/11 07:55 PM

This actually looks really simple; basically a colorful fruit float. I may have to try this sometime this week.

Udderly Delicious Drinks: Colorful Cow Combinations
Martha Stewart

6/2/11 03:35 PM

Not anything of particular value, but when I was really young (5 or 6 years old) I had a large plastic mountain with tracks for my die-cast cars to race down. There wasn't room for it in our family room, so it was moved to a shed in our little backyard. I frequently went out there to play with it, but my parents apparently were not aware of this, and believed that I had stopped playing with it altogether. One day I went out to the shed, and found that it was no longer there. Horribly upset, I ran to my parents and learned that they had donated it along with a bunch of other old, unused stuff while I was at school.

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/2/11 03:21 PM

If the screen was a full-featured tablet, and could be removed for use on its own, then this would be something I might consider. As it is, though, it's just a really cool-looking concept render.

Final Frame: The Wireless Wood Laptop
6/1/11 12:00 AM

My parents' bathroom in an old house had an enormous walk-in shower and it was wonderful. They also had a jacuzzi, but it wasn't used particularly often, and it had to be cleaned regularly in order for it to function on the odd occasion that it was used.

At a different house, one of the bathrooms had a shower only, rather than a tub, and it was much more practical. Easier to get in and out without slipping, easier to clean. I would much prefer just having a shower instead of a tub.

Once Standard Bathroom Fixtures We've Left Behind
5/25/11 08:16 PM

I wouldn't mind a simpler method of paying, but often the draw of these sorts of places is the personal interaction with the people who work there. If you're ordering and paying for everything through your phone, then you lose that interaction, lessening the enjoyment that you get out of going to that location.

Card Case App Might Help Redefine Business Transactions
5/25/11 08:01 PM

I agree wholeheartedly with mauishopgirl. I love my Kindle, but I will still fairly often purchase a physical book simply because of the aesthetic. Large-format books with rich illustrations, art and design books, even novels with particularly interesting covers. I picked up "Aurorarama" based solely on the cover art, which is beautiful. It turned out to be a fun book, and it's absolutely lovely sitting on a shelf.

I hope that at some point publishers begin bundling physical books with ebooks; I like the convenience of the Kindle, but I still love having shelves and shelves of books that I can look at, and rifle through whenever I feel like it, to get the tactile sensation of touching the covers and flipping through pages and smelling that wonderful aroma of the printed word.

BEA 2011: What Does ePub 3 Mean For Readers?
5/23/11 10:33 PM

I'll say that while I don't care much for the decor -- it's not really my style -- I love the idea of using a space that is typically commercial as a residence.

What is the cost of a home like this compared to a similarly-sized townhouse in approximately the same area?

Chris' Pearl District Storefront Loft
House Call

5/23/11 06:36 PM

lizrocks is right. I've noticed several times when The Kitchn features a product that was recently highlighted on Unclutterer's "Unitasker Wednesday" posts.

Keep It Clean With A Corn Kerneler
5/19/11 09:36 PM

I've been using TeuxDeux for a while, and I really like it. It's simple, uncluttered, and it looks pretty. I don't really need a bunch of complicated features, like in some of the other task manager apps, so this works for me.

Which Task Manager App Do You Recommend?
Good Questions

4/21/11 07:34 PM

I have an unhealthy addiction to Vanilla Almond Special K. It's seriously becoming a problem, but it's sooooo good. Fortunately, it's almost constantly on sale at a grocer near me -- about 2 bucks for a box.

I've currently got about four boxes of it in the hall pantry. Just in case Food World decides to change their mind about the pricing.

Grape Nuts to Corn Flakes: 7 Recipes for Homemade Cereal
4/5/11 05:59 PM

I love cupcakes and all, but that looks like both a waste of time, and WAAAAAAAY too much frosting. I can feel my blood sugar rising just looking at those pictures.

Cupcakes In a Jar! The Latest Cupcake Craze
3/22/11 06:51 PM

I imagine they're somewhat difficult to fill, though. Although that may just be because I don't have steady hands. Regardless of one's manual dexterity, these are really cool, and I wouldn't mind trying it sometime. I'm always one for more kitchen glassware.

Upcycle Bottles For Guilt Free Colored Glassware
Family Chic

3/15/11 06:20 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds this really, really ugly. The concept is cute, but this looks like a middle school art project.

World Records: New Work by Maria Forde
2/18/11 06:39 PM