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I'm taken aback by the ignorance and insensitivity of Sugarbakers comments! Try placing yourself in the shoes of a parent of a child with severe life threatening food allergy. Wouldn't you want to keep your child as safe as possible and remove as many risks to them as possible. Your child will not die if they don't have their pb sandwich at school but a child with this kind of allergy just very well might if they come into contact with it and well that is definitely a "PITA" for that child and their family don't you think

Kids' Lunch Ideas That Are Dairy Kosher, 'Nut Aware' and Non-Choking
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8/24/11 01:46 AM

I think glass subway tiles in a pretty shade of green or blue would be beautiful and neutral walls, I don't think it would stop someone buying your house because you picked a colored tile. You are going to be there for a while, you may as well pick something that you love living with.

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12/16/10 11:22 AM


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