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We go to church Christmas Eve, then come home, change into comfy clothes and trickle into the living room with plates of tamales. Dad reads the story of Christ's birth from the Bible and then my brother passes out all the presents from under the tree. Then we open them all at our own pace, often stopping to hug and thank, ooh and ahh.

We go to bed and somehow Santa comes during the night and leaves fun gifts for my brother and I in the morning. Every year I remark to my mom how sneaky "Santa" is and she smiles enigmatically. (Santa and I have a deal--he'll leave me stuff every year until I have my own kids. At 37, it's looking like Santa's all mine). Then we sit around, drinking coffee until we start cooking the big Christmas Day feast.

I am the keeper of traditions in my family, and am perhaps a little militaristic on Christmas, but my parents live far away from my brother and I, so I love how this holiday grounds us and brings our past into our present.

Idea Exchange: What's Your Christmas Present Opening Tradition?
12/19/13 12:02 PM

From-scratch cookies and bars, mostly--I grew up on a ranch and there were calorie-rich meals 3 times a day. And rice crispy treats! And cakes for special occasions. Then in high school, my parents moved to town and opened a bakery. Let's just say...none of us escaped that without a few calories and extra pounds, and I am now a baked-good snob.

What Desserts Did You Grow Up With? Reader Discussion
3/26/13 07:27 PM

I've had great luck freezing quiches and egg bakes. Crustless quiche would also work great for any others who are gluten free. Best wishes for your wedding!

What Are Some Make-Ahead Dishes for Our Post-Wedding Brunch? Good Questions
1/11/13 04:05 PM

You could each have a roasted cornish hen with a bit of stuffing and small batches of your favorite sides. I love doing that for a "fancy" dinner for a small group.

Ideas for a Holiday Dinner Menu for Two? Good Questions
12/17/12 10:27 AM

There are a lot of backpacking cookbooks out there. Also, the forum members on the website have great ideas under the "cooking" section (it's sponsored by Backpacker magazine). I usually like to take really light things, weight-wise. So, dehydrated hummus (just add water) & pita to make wraps, string cheese, peanut butter and crackers (make sure they're at the top of the pack or they're ruined!), flavored tuna packets & pitas or tortillas...stuff that is easy and quick to make, that doesn't have bulky packaging, and that weighs as little as possible. Those are the keys! Have a great time backpacking this summer!

Best Lunches for Backpacking & Eating Outdoors?
Good Questions

7/27/11 03:35 PM

Um, I'm 34 years old and I think my head did just explode.

5 Birthday Cakes Inspired by Candyland
5/18/11 07:16 PM

As someone else who can't have "real" sugar for health reasons, I appreciate this tip for a product that will spice up plain water. Yeah, Crystal Light gets old. Thanks for the heads-up!

Product Review: MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
3/28/11 05:22 PM

I make this salad all the time, with some variations. My favorite being feta cheese crumbles. Yum.

Recipe: Black-Eyed Pea Salad
3/28/11 01:34 PM

Heated mattress pads with duel control!!!! Heaven.

Sleeping with the Enemy? Hot Men, Cold Women And The Battle Over Bedclothes
1/20/11 11:47 AM

I've yet to meet a cheese I didn't like! One of my frugal splurges: I got to the local cheese store a couple times a month and buy $5 worth of something I've never had before. That usually buys me a small piece that I can eat in a few days. Sometimes I'm not all that impressed, but It's fun and if I'm not too excited about the cheese, I'm only out 5 bucks and don't have to feel all freaked out about it.

Cheese-Squeamish? Your Top Four Cheese Phobias Cured!
The Cheesemonger

12/1/10 02:54 PM