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I concur with CanadianMango – best rehab/repurposing job ever on AT!

Before & After: Kicked to the Curb Night Stand to Kicking It Up a Notch Play Kitchen
1/23/14 04:44 PM

My mom put her wedding dress into our dress-up box, and it was the most popular item, completely shredded with use by the time we were teenagers. My mom would think that was a good thing – she was into recycling and repurposing even way back in the 1970s!
My mom would round up the neighbourhood kids and direct the plays that they then performed, in their glorious, home-made costumes, on our back patio in front of their parents. I guess you could say I had (and still have) a cool mom!

The Ultimate (Probably Practically Free) Dress Up Box Checklist!
11/21/13 12:01 PM

I'm intrigued by the green sofa; it's almost as if it is cable knit. It would be nice to see a close up. In fact, it would be nice to see more photos of this wonderfully cheerful home.

A Chic, Modern Home for a Family of Five (Soon-to-Be 6) Professional Project
11/15/13 12:38 PM

Well, as my dad would say, "It's a good start..."
Downspouts are not a feature, so paint them the colour of the stucco to make them disappear, and so that your new front window is the center of attention.
I know you'll put a lovely planter right across where the front window is, when the weather warms up again.
So when do we get to see the inside?

Before & After: 1920's House Gets Some Crazy Curb Appeal
11/12/13 04:47 PM

Yep, this checks all the boxes for me – location, eclectic mix of furniture, white-washed walls, pops of colour, creative artwork (skis). And it all looks so warm, personal, and welcoming.

James & Sarah's Notting Hill Home House Tour
11/12/13 04:37 PM

I live in grey and rainy Vancouver, and people insist on painting the exteriors (and interiors) of their houses in morose, humorless colors that suck the life out of their surroundings. We need bright colors to keep us cheerful!

Exterior Inspiration: Colorful Row Houses Around the World
10/21/13 07:21 PM

Yes, the red oven distinguishes the kitchen from the standard "white formula" kitchen in North America.

Behind the Scenes on a Home Renovation Reality Show Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine
8/20/13 12:00 PM

There are probably strict laws in Switzerland that prevent rental buildings from being knocked down to be replaced by condo towers. There are no such safeguards where I live in Canada. Or, a tenant may be renting a condominium (or entire house) only to find that it is about to be sold, or the landlord wants to move in, which is their right. So the only security is to mortgage yourself to the hilt and buy a place of your own.

I'm Renting...And Okay with That
3/28/13 02:09 AM

I operate a "business center" where we have small-business people renting small offices from us. They sure like coming to work, and then leaving it there when they go home. Most of our clients live in (relatively) small condos within walking distance to our offices. They like walking to work, they like the work atmosphere, and they like having a professional appearance and address. A few have joked that renting an office is a lot cheaper than a divorce (spouses and/or children have a different agenda at home, not conducive to work productivity).

A Work-From-Home Mini Manifesto
3/21/13 04:39 PM

I've always gravitated towards whitewashed walls, hardwood flooring, Danish furniture, and pops of colour everywhere – it's a formula that really works! I'm wondering what the sound is like without curtains and area rugs to soften the noises of a very active household.

Lauren Moffat's Vintage Modern Home House Tour
3/12/13 01:02 PM

Brilliant! I find cavernous entryways are very difficult to work with, so I'm sure your front hall is now a friendlier and warmer welcome to your guests.

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playing Space
2/25/13 07:33 PM

Some of my best meals have been made with high-protein leftovers – Danish modern chairs, credenzas, and coffee tables are perfect ingredients, and often complement whatever else is part of the meal. I buy my mattresses fresh, however. I just toss everything together with whatever else is in the house, et voila, delicious!

Apartment Therapy on a Low Carb Furniture Diet
2/20/13 01:44 AM

So I'm going to carry on about the lack of the railing – you should have done that first! You have a child who could go plunging over the edge. Or she'll have a friend over who will plunge over the edge. What if you yourself are heading down the stairs and just happen to trip (haven't we all done that?) and there's nothing to grab on to. All your other renovations are really lovely, but no one is going to potentially injure themselves if you don't replace the facade over your fireplace.

Before & After:
Kate & Ellen's Living Room Revamp January Cure Reader Projects

2/4/13 01:15 PM

You need to make sure that the actual dimmer switch works with a dimmable CFL; it's not just about the bulb. I installed new dimmer switches when I was doing a renovation, and I paid about $5 more for the right dimmer switch that would work with CFLs.

4 Practical Places in Every Home That Need Great Lighting
1/18/13 01:34 AM

Maybe you could get to know your neighbours by putting a note through their door explaining your window dilemma, and asking what they have done for their windows. They might invite you in for a friendly cup of tea and a tour of their place (many people just love showing their homes).

Ideas for Ceiling Height Windows? Good Questions
12/8/12 02:00 PM

Those bookshelves your dad made are impressive because he (and you) managed to get the proportions and balance right – very tricky to do, indeed. The shape is a work of art in itself.

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/31/12 01:50 AM

I thought the great American dream was to have a detached, 4,000 sq ft house in suburbia, with two vehicles in the driveway. I think it's time to reassess this post-war model of (unsustainable) living. After all, all people do is shop, shop, shop to fill those rooms with furniture (with the overflow going to the garage and the crawl space!).
Living smaller is probably a good idea for society in general. Would any of you trade your bustling, compact urban neighborhoods for a chance of home ownership in...vacuum land? I know I wouldn't. I like being able to walk to my grocery store, and generally enjoy the goings-on of my local community. I do not have to rely on a car to get everywhere, and instead have a bike for going slightly further afield, and for really far afield use a car co-op or taxi. Yes, urban rents/ownership are high, but how much does a car, gas, insurance, and maintenance cost – $1000/month? How much is your time worth waiting in traffic jams getting home to suburbia? Smaller places also mean fewer furniture purchases, and a certain craftiness with making a smaller space work (this is Apartment Therapy, after all). Even families with children can make smaller-space living successful; the idea of what constitutes enough space is a relative concept anyway.

Living In The Most Expensive Cities:
How Long Can We Keep This Up?

9/24/12 02:29 AM

Before you pick a colour (I like "Sweet Vibrations" myself), I'd invest in a flat-surface door, as this one competes with the artwork and looks cheap. Then I think any of the colours you have on the list would look good.

Help Me Choose the Right Color:
10 Paint Possibilities

7/29/12 01:33 AM

What is the flooring in the kitchen – it complements the space beautifully.

Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/13/12 01:09 AM

That bathroom is perfection – keeping with the original flavour of the house, but adding freshness with the crisp green and white. I also love the living room tin ceiling tiles. Nothing like the use of white paint to keep everything bright and cheerful, I always say.

Anne & Tahoe's Barnum Bungalow House Tour
6/27/12 11:52 PM