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The first one with the kitchen in the corner. It gives more space for dining and a better kitchen layout. The second choice looks cramped. If you need a separate seating area like you have in option two, you can use the sunroom most of the year. I would omit the built in window seat and desk in the NE corner and use furniture in case you decide you want to borrow the space later for something else: landing strip, more dining room, or more living room.

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3/26/14 08:04 AM

YoungMrsW has the right idea with placement to create a "TV/fireplace viewing area" and an entryway area. I also second the no-tv-over-the-fireplace, my fiance has a 42" and told me I'll never be allowed to place it over one. The angle is poor for viewing and puts a crick in your neck.

However, I find the closet by the fireplace interesting and wonder how deep it is? If it's fairly shallow, perhaps you could remove the door and put shelves inside to create a built-in bookshelf. Add some clever molding on that wall and paint and you could create an entire "built-in" effect incorporating the closet, fireplace, and a stand on the other side for the TV. Unifying that wall in this manner would help the room look larger and give you a larger focal point rather than three things competing for attention (blank TV, blank door, and fireplace).

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7/8/13 05:06 PM

I'm on my third winter now in a Chicago garden unit, and it's really not that bad. The extra space, dishwasher, and backyard my place offers makes up for the lack of view.

That said, there are a couple safety issues to beware with these units. Make sure each bedroom has an operable window you can climb out of in the event of an emergency. It's a good idea to have security bars on your windows, but they should be unlockable and the key should be stored right next to the window (but not visible from outside!).

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12/1/10 01:45 PM