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so you took out real hardwood everywhere and put in faux hardwood to match....

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Renovation Diary
7/24/14 01:57 PM

I thought that was a tiny hallway, not a gold mirrored column... wow!

Before & After: Out With the Mice, In With the Nice
3/20/14 10:11 AM

We had a similar problem, a wall of windows with a large sliding glass door. We got pipe conduit, spray painted it (we didn't want the stainless steel/chrome look), made curtains (due to the height of the windows) with grommets and now have a wall of curtains. It works great and is stylish too

Affordable Way to Cover Looong Wall of Windows? Good Questions
3/6/14 08:31 AM

I got 4 for around $3 at Target on sale. They have a coffee one with dark chocolate that is awesome. They aren't as thick as regular Chobani or any of the mass market Greek yogurts, but the one I tried was so good, I didn't care.

Chobani Bites: Sweet Small Size Yogurt
2/27/13 11:30 AM

Y'all left off the life size gingerbread house they have every year at the Grand Floridian at Disney World. It becomes an actual store that they sell gingerbread out of.

Look! Life-Sized Gingerbread Houses
12/7/11 02:26 PM

My Polish family has been making these forever. Our version isn't heavy or doughy, much lighter dough is made and the peirogis themselves are MUCH smaller than the ones you find elsewhere. My favorite filling is a mix of farmers cheese with a bit of sugar. Boil them and pan fry them with butter and onions. In the summer we would make them with blueberries and other fruits.

Cold Weather Craving: Pierogi
11/30/11 12:22 PM