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i want to be friends with them! what an adorable couple and an amazing place. so much personality and creativity! love it! i think my favorite part is the pendant lamp above the dining room table. jealous!

Alexis & Ian’s Designer Pad House Tour
4/12/13 09:06 AM

this is amazing!! can i ask where you got that awesome wire raven sculpture?

Poke Acupuncture's New Spot On Melrose Office Tour
5/1/12 09:23 AM

wow, you have made perfect use of every square foot! i love your place!

Michelle's Dream Space Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 03:28 PM

really awesome architecture and innovative storage solutions, but where's the art? i wouldn't be able to live in a place like this. too sterile.

Michael's Yacht-Like Efficiency Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 03:21 PM

i'll bet no one, even the haters, can make a negative comment about this place. i am in love with every aspect. perfect color choices, wonderful art, unique furniture and knicknacks... what more could on ask for? LOVE THIS!

Annette + Gustavo's 100 Year Old Hollywood Craftsman Home
House Tour

2/7/12 11:59 AM

most of these are nice, but the fourth photo, golden sky, has a texture layered over it. that isn't photography... it's digital art. also, the third looks like a manipulation as well.

Inexpensive & Stylish Photographs by Elle Moss
1/11/12 09:03 AM

wow, awesome! where did you get that amazing print of the old ladies?

Jon's Absolute Art Anarchy
House Tour

5/19/11 11:06 AM

one of my favorite AT tours in a while. i absolutely love your home! the unique art, handmade woodwork, and antiques really bring it to life. also, the colors are perfect. i especially love the color of the bathroom!

Danielle & Derek's Somerville Sanctuary
House Tour

4/27/11 03:19 PM

not a personal favorite of mine, but you get HUGE props for the bob-dylan-quote art :) homemade, i imagine?

Sara's City Views
4/27/11 01:42 PM

but i do love the salon-style arrangement you have in the dining room!

Danielle's Redesigned Disaster
4/27/11 01:37 PM

very pretty and clean, but i guess i'm one of the only ones who doesn't go gaga over an entirely white home. where's the color?

Danielle's Redesigned Disaster
4/27/11 01:37 PM

yes! color! love this apartment, especially the kitchen.

Sammi & Dave's Love for Oakland
4/22/11 02:59 PM

would like to see a bit more color, but adding to favorites nonetheless. very classy and cute!

Liz's Light Off Lake Michigan
4/21/11 11:01 AM

LOVE the bed!

Tana's Lots of Light
4/21/11 10:56 AM

your apartment is so colorful and full of life and looks much larger than its square footage. i'd love to see a house tour (mostly because i want a closer look at the gallery of art near the kitchen)! where did you get your black-and-white rugs?

Melissa's Maxed-Out Minimalism
4/21/11 09:27 AM

you did a great job with that little of a space! did you ever think about putting up a pretty screen or a partition between the "living room" and "bedroom"?

Melissa's Natural Light
4/21/11 08:48 AM

i am absolutely in LOVE with that yellow wall. genius. i think that a house can never have too many house plants. they provide so much more life. i love this place! great job! can't wait for the house tour!

Adam's Blank Slate
4/20/11 03:52 PM

very charming space!

Arden's Edith Wharton Style
4/20/11 03:31 PM

love love love the kitchen! you did a great job of utilizing your space smartly. and, of course, i must also chime in on the dog-crate issue. i live in a 750-square-foot house in philly and we have a 60-pound pit bull mix who stays in her crate while we are at work. she has separation anxiety and feels comfortable in her crate. if she weren't crated, she would sit by the door scratching at it and barking all day. the crate is a much more realistic option for us and her. we take her for long walks when we get home and she sleeps with us at night. of course that is much better than her life was at the shelter! maybe you should consider each situation before making such a rude comment, diridi. it's funny that your name reminds me of the word derisive.

Sandy's Southern Exposure
4/20/11 03:30 PM

love the magazine rack/table, your bedspread, and the sculpture in the bedroom. also love the copy of infinite jest in your bedroom—my favorite book!

Lorena & Ryan's Retro Inspired Condo
House Tour

4/19/11 02:28 PM