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I found this article very interesting. The second I saw the wassily chair at the top of the post, I recognized it as a set my local library owns! I remember sitting in them when I was little and loving how comfortable (surprisingly!) they were. Of course getting out of them was an entirely different story!

Quick History: The Bauhaus & Its Influence

9/6/12 07:10 PM

So far I've only entered things in the fiber arts category and not the food category. I did, however, enter my mom into the jam and pie making sections this year. Her pie crusts are heavenly, by the way. She got 2nd with a strawberry jam, 2nd with her peach pie, and 3rd with her apple pie. The best part of her entering was that we got the bulk of our canning finished early and we even canned some cherry pie filling. I still have to finish some apple pie filling for myself.

Pie Contests & Beyond: Home Cooking at the County Fair
8/11/11 05:42 PM

Switching the fridge door was the first thing I did when I moved into my apartment. I have no idea how my landlords (the prior occupants of the apartment) lived with it like that for years!

Kitchen Design: Should You Reverse Your Fridge Door?
8/6/11 02:11 PM