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I'm an addict! So many favorite shops already mentioned. A few others:

Mostly vintage Russian clocks:

Industrial vintage:

Mid century modern style tree ring paintings:

Fun ceramics:

Our Favorite Etsy Stores, 2011 Edition— And Tell Us Yours!
3/29/11 08:05 AM

No cats, no food, no TV, no computer, no phone, pretty much nothing except for clean me in clean jammies in a clean bed. And white sound. I have had big time sleep issues in the past and this has helped tremendously.

What Isn't Allowed In Your Bedroom?
3/16/11 07:36 PM

I love this post. Lots of things to think about since I am really working this year to have one of those welcoming, comfortable, really fabulous homes.

Re. pet hair: the Furminator is a miracle. I could not get a handle on the cat hair at my house even with daily brushing, but after a week with the Furminator, it's problem solved. I really can't praise it enough.

10 Questions To Take Your Home From Good To Great
1/25/11 07:10 PM

I make the bed BEFORE I even leave the bedroom. I originally did it immediately after getting out of bed to prevent the cats from getting any cat hair on my sheets, but now I do it because when I do, all is right in the world. At least until I get to work.

1 Simple Way to Be Happy in the New Year
1/9/11 04:58 PM