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Hex Appeal! I need a floor that's as graphic as the white subway tile / black grout combo of my bathroom... I want a bathroom that looks like like a black and white comic book!

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10/19/13 06:38 PM

I'm a private art dealer, and I certainly can't always afford to smoke the dope I peddle, there are more and more sources for affordable editioned works everyday.

For instance, Greige, Works on Whatever / the Art Production Fund has some great Richard Phillips multiples on canvas that have the feeling of original paintings (only $250):

And there is Exhibition A, which also has been doing the editioned works on canvas thing too, also at affordable prices:

These works may never really appreciate in value, but I'm a fan of these editions because they're often much more affordable and have more impact than a print framed up with glass.

I looove Albers in general, and the prints can really can be quite affordable... Once I sold this set, "Formulation: Articulation," which is comprised of 127 prints -- the two volumes were $2,000. Break that up between ten friends, everyone can have 12+ prints for $200!

Be careful, these furniture / design websites aren't always the best places to buy art, they'll really milk you sometime., which I adore for home furnishings, has offered not-authentic, inspired-by Warhol prints, which were really glorified posters.

What is Your Dream Artwork?
6/29/11 08:11 PM

Oh, thanks for comments on the artwork, that's really what's precious to me.

The Su-en Wong piece was a gift from the artist, and I love how it's so rude and cute at the same time! It still scandalizes my father whenever he comes to visit: "Pearl, do you realize that the girl is on a chamber pot?"

The Inka Essenhigh was the first artwork I ever bought and the first painting she ever sold, coincidentally. Every day I still can't believe I own it! She's such a good colorist, you could snag entire interior color schemes from any one of her paintings...

I wish I could have included a close-up of my red Patrick Wilson painting: it has tiny Le Corbusier "Petit Confort" chairs at the bottom...

Apartment Therapy New York | East #59: Pearl's "Jalapeno Pepper"
10/17/08 01:49 PM

Oh, Peachpie -- yes, I probably should've put the David Hicks-covered ottoman (fabric was $14 on eBay!) between the chairs for the picture, it definitely would've made more sense. I guess I left it where it usually receives my feet!

So, vinyl benches are Stendig and were bought at Get Back Inc. in CT ( -- it's a huge multi-floor warehouse filled with Herman Miller, Knoll, and other mid-century and machine age furniture. Seriously, it was tempting to buy chairs to sell at a markup back in the city; everything just needed a little cleaning.

I grew up coloring and doing homework on that coffee table, so who knows where the parents bought it in the '70s? I just painted it green.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #59: Pearl's "Jalapeno Pepper"
10/15/08 06:10 PM

Oh, Lauren: THANK YOU for the words of support! With my line of work, I see all sorts of chic, minimal homes, and it's easy to get an inferiority complex! I just know that I can't live that way myself.

Regarding the bed linens, I hit up the usual sources: Dwell sample sales, Crate and Barrel Marimekko on sale, eBay -- but what I love the most are Ralph Lauren trompe-l'oeil patterned sheets. I don't know why more people don't talk about them: I have sheets that look like knitted Fair Isle sweaters a la Margiela, woven wicker, a kilim rug... They're not preppy, they're conceptual! I find mine in the sale bin at Century 21.


Apartment Therapy New York | East #59: Pearl's "Jalapeno Pepper"
10/15/08 10:39 AM

It's like a sculpture you can sit on!

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7/14/08 12:02 PM

Perfect for my mod hunting lodge bedroom...

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12/18/07 09:08 PM