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Definitely downsize on books and music unless you have a strong sentimental connection to your collection. Larger pieces of furniture, like a mattress, couch, etc. are probably worth paying to move if you like them. You might save some change on the move by dumping them, but you'll pay to replace those items. Same with those gift items that are probably decorating your apartment and making it feel like home. You'll want to buy new things to make you feel at home.

Look into doing long haul container shipping. Uhaul will even transport your container for you.

How Much is Your Stuff Worth?
3/22/13 07:58 PM

I've always had bowls of water on my radiators, but this is so much better! I was going to recommend a hack using the cermaic asker containers from ikea, but sadly it looks like they aren't stocking them anymore? I've got some and am going to give it a try. I bet you could find some other ikea hanging caddies that would work.

Old School Tech: Radiator Humidifiers
11/29/12 06:55 PM

Apartment therapy, perhaps you should do (or have done?) a post on how to research your rights and liabilities as a tenant/landlord and some general basics. A lot of comments here appear misinformed.

My suggestion to Natalie: research the basics on landlord tenant law where you live and look over your lease. Consider whether it would be preferable for you and your boyfriend to have his name on the lease, regardless of the landlord's opinion. Then discuss the issue with your landlord. If you are worried about the LL's reaction, you could start the conversation by speaking in hypotheticals- i.e. you are considering the possibility of having your bf move in several months from now.

Should I Ask My Landlord If My Boyfriend Can Move In? Good Questions
9/17/12 02:12 PM

You can buy the small adjustable window screens in an air filter version. (I couldn't find them online, but I've seen them at home depot and your smaller hardware stores may have them as well.) If you don't have central air (as in my case) opening your windows is a must and this really helps. You can follow any of the tips here for sealing the edges.

Dealing With Big City Grime
9/8/12 12:16 PM

I have the west elm stripe sheets, and I would not recommend. You will get the look of certain more expensive bedding, but the lower quality definitely shows. They even had a couple tears after only a few months!

Budget & Design Friendly Duvet Covers For Under $100
3/10/11 11:29 PM