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We just did a full renovation of a farmhouse built in 1890. We replaced all the windows and went with aluminum exterior and wooden interior. We went with Jeld-Wen from Home Depot, all double hung windows that can be pulled in for cleaning and we had the wood pre-painted. It was about 20 windows, many of them custom sizes. The cost for the windows was about 9,000. We had our contractor install them so it was just included in their costs so I can't speak to that cost for sure, but I would imagine about 2,000. We were changing the size of some of them so that required some re-framing and such so just swapping them out could be a little less.

Having grown up with old single pane windows, I can tell you it is worth it! Yes the wavy glass is pretty, but it always looks dirty and the energy waste is so substantial. We kept one old door that has single panes and it is always freezing near that door. Especially since we got wood on the interior they really were able to match the old windows so I don't think we lost much historical integrity.

We are in Lawrence, KS.

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2/19/14 05:57 PM

We just installed Martha Stewart Cabinets in our new kitchen. We only moved in about 3 weeks ago, so I can't speak to the longevity, but so far we are really happy. We live near kansas city and all of the nearest Ikea's are about 8 hours away (although they just broke ground on the KC store YAY!), just too far for me for such a big purchase.

We did a whole house renovation, so our contractor installed our cabinets and they didn't have any issues. They tend to do higher end projects and are very into reclaimed hardwoods and such and he said he has always been impressed with the line for the money. We wanted the painted look anyway, so it worked out nicely for us. We also wanted all drawers below, which is more expensive. I priced the same layout in kraftmaid and it was 3x as much. The sides and the bottom of the drawers are laminate, but the sides of the drawer are a pretty hardwood birch (i would assume). I had good luck with the designer at Depot too, there were no errors in our order, although I am sure that is hit and miss.

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7/24/13 03:40 PM

I just had my wedding this month and we did smoked chicken and pulled pork so almost the same menu. We had 100 people and had 50 pounds of pork and 10 chickens cut into pieces so maybe a little less than 150. We had a fair amount of chicken left, but not much pork. We had lots of other sides and apps too, I would probably add a little more for 200 people.

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6/28/13 07:35 PM

:) love it

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4/26/13 11:19 AM

I wanted marble so badly, but we brought a sample piece home from the warehouse and beat it up. It didn't as much as I thought it would and the etching wasn't that bad, but what surprised me most was how soft it was. We hit it with a spoon and it would leave a mark. could just see my husband ramming the cast iron skillet into the side and leaving a giant dent. Has this been an issue at all? Is it just a part of the patina for you?

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4/5/13 07:15 PM

Where is the crib from? I love it.

Leo's Room for Play My Room
10/10/12 11:27 AM

I get the sand thing...but I have seen people use small stones instead like someone mentioned. It is just as fun without all the mess. I am sure it would keep if you put weed mat down and had it covered.
I was also thinking it might fun to use it as a ball pit. They sell those colorful plastic balls a lot of places now and you could even bring those inside during the winter in a little blow-up pool to get double duty out of them.
A playhouse would be cute too and they would get lots of years out of that.

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6/24/11 05:44 PM

SOO cute! How did you attach the leaves to the wall?

My Room: Layla
Rockville, MD

12/27/10 10:04 PM

Me too, the link is not working.

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12/11/10 10:37 PM