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Ugh! I am so in love with their kitchen & their garden! That is the life I have been dreaming of having for a long time now. Hopefully one day I can have something like that for myself.

Linsay's Vegan Garden-to-Table Kitchen Kitchen Tour
12/3/13 01:48 PM

yeah! I do that all the time. It makes things so much easier. But I don't have cooking spray. I don't think I've ever seen it for sale in France... I just put a dab of oil on a paper towel and rub it around the cup. I try not to waste an entire towel just for that - instead, I rip off a tiny piece (maybe 1-2 square inches big) and use that

Kitchen Tip: Measuring Sticky Ingredients More Accurately (and with Less Mess)
4/25/12 03:11 PM

A really tasty and easy way to enjoy these can be found here: http://rachelmade.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/chocolate-pasta-for-dinner/

What Can I Make with Schokonudeln Chocolate Pasta?
Ingredient Questions

2/13/12 05:50 PM

These are very pretty but I can't help but think that they are majorly dangerous. 1 - drinking a hot beverage out of that looks like a recipe for danger, 2 - I'm sure those things are not tested to be safe for consumption (ie: there are probably chemicals, etc. in them that can either make you sick in the short term or give you cancer in the long run) and 3 - the risk of drinking tiny shards of glass seems quite high.

Great Gift Idea: Make Hot Cocoa Ornaments
12/9/11 03:50 PM

You can still watch her grow 1 year in 1 hour. She will just go from 3 to 4

Watch Your Child Grow a Whole Year in Just One Hour
12/9/10 06:04 PM