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I'm going to have to try this. I cooked quinoa a few weeks ago trying to do a "quinoa pilaf" but it ended up mushy/gummy. I enjoyed the flavor, but the texture was just strange.

Recipe: Black Bean And Heirloom Tomato Quinoa With Lemon Dressing
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8/16/11 03:58 PM

I am slightly guilty of this. I bought a stand mixer almost exclusively to make pizza dough. At this point its saved me enough from ordering out to pay for itself, but still feels a little silly. I want to get more into cooking and just am having trouble figuring out how.

As cmcinnyc noted, there are two kinds of people when it comes to food. I am unfortunately one of the ones that lived for the longest time on takeout. It used to be that no one in the family wanted to eat my mothers cooking so we'd just pick up some fast food to avoid that. A habit I'm still trying to break.

Are You Guilty of The Joy of Not Cooking?
4/21/11 10:50 AM

Also rubbermaid has recently put out glass containers with the easy-find lid system. I love my plastic ones but will probably switch to the glass ones soon.

Looking for Glass Lunch Containers that Stack Well
Good Questions

4/11/11 10:18 AM

@Terri Wyatt

Yeah, I close the lid so that it cooks more evenly and I don't have to bother with it until it's done.

Survey: What's Your Favorite Method for Cooking Bacon?
4/6/11 05:02 PM

By far the best method I've found yet is a rather strange one: A waffle iron.

The waffle iron gets hot enough to get the bacon nice and crunchy, and because of the grooves lets enough fat drain away that you can easily tell exactly how done it is, as opposed to when its in the pan and its more done that it appears. Plus you have heat coming from the top and bottom, so more even and quicker cooking.

Only problem I've had so far is finding an easy way to recover the fat from the iron.

Survey: What's Your Favorite Method for Cooking Bacon?
4/6/11 12:03 PM

Pizza dough. No matter how many times I've tried making it or what method or what recipe, It always is way too stubborn for me to actually flatten out by hand. I've made tortillas with a good amount of success, but pizza dough still eludes me.

How To Month! What Do You Want To Learn?
2/1/11 04:49 PM

I had trouble with using the correct lid for the pot. After a few tries I realized steam needed to go out, with popcorn staying in.

I now put a colander upside down over the mouth of the pot. Been coming out perfect ever since

Popcorn Popping Tip: Start with Just 3 Kernels
1/31/11 10:27 AM

A trick for the kitchenaid grinder is to not only partially freeze the meat, but to put the grinder in the freezer about an hour before using. It helps prevent the fat from turning to goo, and you get a much easier, cleaner grind.

How to Grind Your Own Meat in a Food Processor
12/8/10 11:35 AM