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I want to try this once I get my new Nokia from Verizon.

How To Add Wireless Charging To an IKEA Nightstand
5/2/13 10:20 AM

I love the wallpaper that's on the Macs and iPad! Would anyone know where I can download a copy? Thanks.

J4nro Is Keeping Calm and Carrying On DeskTops - The Best of Home Office Desks
1/2/13 04:47 PM

I love stories like this of family recipes and how you've adapted to recreating them.

How would this work in a crock pot / slow cooker? It's too hot in my house to turn the oven on for 5+ hours.

Family Recipe: Baked Beans with Pineapple and BaconRecipes from The Kitchn
8/2/12 01:35 PM

I would have to say that being half German it would be the Springerle cookies and also the Spanish Wedding cookies. One of my favorite memories of this time of year would be my parents making the Springerle cookies using boards that came with my great-grandparents from Germany when then immigrated to the U.S.
I'll have to try the recipe for Speculaas now and see how they compare to the Springerles.

@ Rachiebob80: When we make Springerle cookies the recipe would call that the cookies wait at least overnight before being baked. Letting them set out dries out the cookies a little bit and helps firming up the details on the cookies.

Cookie Spotting: Speculaas
11/30/10 02:05 PM