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Cute place, but ever thought about switching the couch and the TV? Seems a shame to have the couch on the same wall as the fireplace rather than facing towards it. (Even if this is a non-working fireplace.)

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6/13/11 03:23 PM

I think some hardware would be a great addition. The white-with-wood-trim cabinet look is very dated and something you have done well to disguise by painting the cabinets all white. I think by adding hardware, you will disguise their former look even further.

Should We Add Hardware To Our Kitchen Cabinets?
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5/20/11 06:10 PM

Much prefer the new furniture and the pops of green and blue. The old furniture and color scheme is just a bit blah and generic American. However, I agree with a few of the other posters that the arrangement in the main living area is awkward. That great fireplace should be the main focal point of the room and the narrow path created in front of it with the current configuration seems a bit odd. Otherwise, great work!

Before & After: Tammy's Redesigned Living Room & Foyer
1/14/11 02:47 PM