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I live in Japan... and believe me, I would love to have a kitchen that big!!! Thankfully, I have a microwave that toasts, broils, steams, grills, bakes, nukes, and proofs bread dough. It's magical!

5 Meals You Can Cook in a Small Kitchen Without Too Much Gear Tips from The Kitchn
6/25/14 12:30 AM

Oh no no... *this* is the best way to chop garlic. It's all I use anymore!!

The wheels don't grip on a counter or cutting board very well at first when trying to get the first cut into the cloves, but I have found if you just roll it down your pant leg or a kitchen towel a couple times it works just fine.

It even comes in a large size for big garlic jobs.

Video: The 3 Best Ways to Mince Garlic Video Tips from The Kitchn
4/15/14 09:36 PM

just throwing this out there, and I know the typo originates from the main link, but "Tomago" should be spelled "Tamago"

Red Miso Udon with Onsen Tomago & Agave-Cinnamon-Lime Roasted Carrots Delicious Links
2/18/14 07:47 PM

Is there any interest in importing all the little tools available here in Japan to make bento boxes like this? They make a ton of little nori (seaweed) animal character stamps, guidebooks, sandwich presses, little muffin cups, boxes, etc.

I live in Japan and was thinking of grabbing a bunch to sell on ebay :)

Bento Boxes: Halloween for Your Lunch Year Round
10/30/13 07:59 PM

I have mentioned this before, but I have one and have never looked back:

The Garlic Zoom.

It's like a mini handheld garlic blender. Get one, and get garlicky!!

The little wheels don't get enough grip on the counter, so I just roll it on my pants to get it started :)

(oh, and botulism is real. I'm a medical technologist (clinical lab scientist) and while I am also one of the "if it's not funky, eat it" types, when it comes to anaerobes like clostridium botulinum I stay far far away!)

Tip: Save Time by Chopping Garlic and Saving it in Oil
9/5/13 06:55 AM

"I hate games and those that make me play them"

Yikes... you must be a pleasure to spend time with.

Apples to Apples, Cards against Humanity (I have cried from laughing so hard playing this game), Smart Ass, and Left Right Center are great and easy to play- even for people who hate games.

Lighten up, you only live once!

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/9/13 12:18 AM

No mention of Lentil Dal? It's spicy deliciousness!!

Going Beyond Soup: 10 Satisfying Recipes Made with Lentils Recipe Roundup
1/17/13 02:51 AM

Oh yes, keep your mouth shut. Even if it's dry and tasteless, smile and be a gracious guest.

As far as food contamination concerns go: out of sight, out of mind. Even professional kitchens do things you would rather not see. Besides, the rare organism here and there merely exercises the ol' immune system.

Should I Tell My Host She's Making a Cooking Mistake? Good Questions
1/14/13 01:18 AM

And don't forget quality knives!!

Ken Albala's 5 Essentials for Home Cooks Expert Essentials
12/16/12 08:51 AM

Sorry, the models in Japan have all of those beat.

My Panasonic microwave will bake, broil, toast, steam, defrost, reheat, and microwave. There's even a function that will reheat fried food using steam in combination with the broiler that makes the crust crispy and the insides luscious and moist.

Though in order to bring it back to the states I'll have to get a 1000w step-up transformer considering they only use 100v @ 50Hz in Eastern Japan (60Hz in Southern Japan) and 120v @ 60Hz in the US.

Modern Microwaves for the 21st Century
12/11/12 11:24 PM

Not everyone in the world has a freezer...

Though this technique wouldn't do anything to stop fungal spores from finding their way onto the bread during packaging, when you touch it, or when you open the bag and expose it to air. The long shelf-life would be great though, especially when delivering to far-away places!!

Long-Lasting Bread: Would You Eat It?
12/6/12 07:08 PM

This is one of my favorites, though I make the following adjustments: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/chicken-sausage-rice-soup-10000000522349/

I use chicken breast, fresh onion, quick-cook brown rice (or cooked regular brown rice, just add it near the end of cooking or individually in the bowl when serving), and add a little extra fennel if the italian sausage I get is lacking.

This soup is easy to make, tastes delicious, and is popular!


Also, this soup is a hit at my Halloween pumpkin carving parties! I make two large pots of it and there is never any left!


I add more thyme, a dash or two of cumin to taste, fresh chopped parsley, and hot New Mexico Chili Powder. When serving, I provide lime wedges and rough chopped cilantro for people to garnish with as they choose.

Autumn Is Here: 10 Fall Vegetable Soups
10/9/12 10:49 AM

Whenever I get a cold I make a giant pot of chicken noodle soup with egg noodles. If I don't finish it all before the cold is over, the extra goes in the freezer. Certain types of egg noodles hold up pretty well after being frozen, and I actually prefer their plumpness from sitting in the broth so long.

Freezer Meals: 5 Simple Tips for Freezing Any Soup
9/27/12 07:34 PM

"Left, Right, Center" with a group of people playing with dollar bills is always fun. It's totally up to chance, the drama is fun, and somebody leaves with a wad of dollars. The pot gets especially big if nobody wins and the only way to access it is to play another game!

Games After Dinner: What Do You Play?
9/21/12 06:47 PM

This statement is taken from the UIUC nutrition study:

"Beets, in general, are not very nutrient-dense. A serving of cooked or canned beets provides about five percent of the RDI for vitamin C. But the folate content of beets is good, ranging from 8 to 18 percent of the RDI per 1/2 cup serving. Overall, beets probably add more to the aesthetics of the dinner plate than to nutrient intakes, but their high folate content distinguishes them."

Why Are Canned Vegetables So Much Less Nutritious Than Fresh Vegetables? Good Questions
9/16/12 07:10 PM

I was hoping someone would post a recipe for savory Pork and Apple Pie. I had it once when I was about 7 years old at a friends house and I have never forgotten it! I have looked online for recipes, but nothing seemed quite right. Anyone care to point me in the right direction?

Apple Season Is Upon Us!
15 Sweet & Savory Apple Recipes Recipe Roundup

9/6/12 10:21 PM

It's not about what organic produce HAS that non-organic produce doesn't. It's about what organic produce DOESN'T HAVE that non-organic produce does.

The study is spin as far as I'm concerned... either that or the people behind the study just don't get it.

New Study Says Organic Produce Is No More Nutritious Than Conventional Food News
9/5/12 06:18 PM

Get yourself a soda-stream and make seltzer whenever you want :) It doesn't take much to flavor it, and you don't even have to use the syrup they sell. Just make some carbonated water, throw in some citrus juice, and voila! Refreshments.

Help Me Stock My Fridge and Pantry for a "Courting" Kitchen Good Questions
6/22/12 10:10 AM

Constant innovation in addition to keeping the quality of the brews they are known for. Take Stone Brewery for example... Not only are they always trying out new recipes, but they also collaborate with other craft breweries all over the country. When is the last time you heard of and of the fizzy yellow beer companies getting together to make something truly unique?

Come to San Diego, take their free tour, and see what makes craft brewing great.

And for a direct example of how fizzy yellow beer is nowhere near the craft or artform of any microbrew, I only need to point you in the direction of the Miller 'Vortex Bottle' (because it tastes so bad people actually need to get it out of the bottle faster?) or Bud Light Platinum (increased alcohol without increased flavor... oh boy, now the frat boys and bros can get more drunk in less time).


When Is a Small Craft Brewery No Longer "Craft" Enough?
6/19/12 06:16 PM

Ok... there's two collapsible strainers here. Why not included a collapsible salad spinner? I never wanted to buy one of them until I found a collapsible one. Now I love it, and I eat salad more often!!


Seriously, I even bought one for my sister!

5 Collapsible, Foldable, and Space-Saving Tools for Small Kitchens
5/18/12 05:40 PM