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My 5 year old son's favorite breakfast is eggs and crackers. First you poach 2 eggs...make sure the yolk is still runny. Then in a serving bowl crunch up cheez-it crackers and add a dollop of butter and a good sprinkling of Mrs.Dash seasoning. When eggs are done, put on top of cracker mixture, stir and serve :) This was my favorite breakfast that my grandma made me when i was little. She used saltine crackers though, but he cheez-its give it a great taste!

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3/9/12 01:25 PM

Just wondering if you could make these for a breakfast meal? Eggs, sausage etc? Would that be ok to freeze?

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7/14/11 11:16 PM

If I paint the 'safe paint' over the 'bad paint' does that mean there will be no more off gassing? If that is not the case then how do I rid my home of the 'bad paint' and off gassing?

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5/18/11 05:46 PM