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+1 for the FRAKTA as a moving bag! The best use I've found while moving is to keep a FRAKTA bag out as your last-out-first-in moving "boxes." As we pack up, I put things in the bag that I think we'll need the first few nights before we totally unpack; gadgets, chargers, sleepshirts and a few changes of clothes, basic pots, pans, plates and cultery, etc. It's perfect!

In Praise of IKEA's FRAKTA Bag
4/8/14 01:39 PM

Ha! They're fun to collect and I always have some around to loan to friends with cold drinks. My beer koozies (a handful of them) sit in an oversized snifter within reach of the living room.

DIY Idea: Framed Gold Glitter Art for St. Patrick's Day (or Anytime!) Mr. Kate
3/11/14 01:10 PM

I have the Threshold cart from Target and I love it. I will offer a word of warning: Some of the ones we saw in-store had wonky wheels, and I read similar accounts from others online. If you're buying in-store, take a look at the wheels to make sure they're not bent or glued on wrong. We had an associate grab one from the back (still in the box it was shipped in) and it's perfect!

Be Ready to Entertain: High-end and Budget Bar Cart Inspiration, Buys & DIYs
3/10/14 03:06 PM

It is a mess! My usual go-to is no more than 10 pieces of cut ribbon or tissue. But how about a pouch of confetti? Like a party on-the-go!

Happy Mail: Put Together the Perfect Personal Correspondence Kit
3/6/14 11:47 AM

Sorry for the confusion! I aimed to craft more of a crash course in how this pattern relates to interior design. I actually had a difficult time discovering where exactly this repeating pattern (not the cross itself) came from originally, hence the query at the end. If anyone is able to find good info, do share so we can all learn!

A Crash Course in the Swiss Cross Pattern You're Seeing Everywhere Right Now
3/3/14 03:31 PM

I agree with Jane_ at top. Whenever I'm struggling with something I( don't like about my space, I think about some of the compliments our guests have given us in the past about our apartment to put everything into perspective. Its also taught me to be more complimentary about others' homes. When I like something, I'll always say something to spread good home juju.

Positive Thinking: Try This When You Feel Down About Your Home
3/3/14 12:12 PM

Yikes! I'll take this as a learning moment: Don't freeze my succulents. I've been so proud to keep them alive for a year, I don't want to lose them now.

5 Ways to Enjoy Flowers at Home for the Broke, Busy & Black Thumbed
2/20/14 02:17 PM

I totally understand why clients would ask for a tub/shower combo. This is like a design dream I never knew I had. The instant I have enough space and money, it's happening!

Bathroom Trend: A Tub Inside The Shower
2/12/14 07:02 PM

sharpknife-- You're right. It was definitely a "want" rather than a "need." But I knew a bar cart would be put to good use in our home with our guests, and I'm glad I decided to wait it out and find the right one at the right price.

Shopping for the Perfect Piece: Do You Buy it Now or Wait it Out?
1/28/14 12:02 PM

Rjfmom: The photo is from Annie's Color Splashed House Tour. But it looks like she only gave us a source for the light blue paint, unfortunately.

If You Could Redo One Room in Your Home, Which Would It Be?
1/15/14 12:26 PM

That's a great point, Courtney! An apartment rent that's "out of reach" for your budget might be closer than you think once you're able cancel your gym membership, stop paying for parking and avoid that trafficky toll road.

What Rent Can You Really Afford? Budgeting for Extra Monthly Costs
1/15/14 10:42 AM

Thankfully, I've never been in this situation. But I'm so glad you shared your experiences here!

Who's Responsible for Frozen Pipes in a Rental Apartment?
1/8/14 11:42 AM

I was too scared to try the oven. But 3 days of rice didn't help. I took it to a repair place where they put it in a dehydrator--hopefully they can diagnose the issue.

The Five Stages of Drowned Phone Grief
5/9/13 08:29 PM

This would look even better if the thermostat & frame were integrated into a big arrangement of framed photos & prints on the wall.

How To Disguise Your Ugly Digital Thermostat
10/11/11 04:16 PM

It's based on supply and demand. If less people are trying to trade in 8GB 3GS phones, Best Buy's going to be willing to shell out a little more. Meanwhile, folks with 16GB phones are practically throwing them at Best Buy, so their trade-in offer will be less.

Here's Exactly How Much Your Old iPhone is Worth
10/5/11 01:43 PM

Agreed, Kaete! Just like you would update your Yellow Pages listings, you need to make some time to Google your business and put yourself in a web-surfing potential customer's shoes.

Google Places is Keeping You from Your City's Best Stops
9/6/11 02:53 PM

I love the Pulse app on my Nook Color (I have it synced with my Google Reader feeds) but I'm so disappointed it doesn't embed images for reading offline. Found that out the sad way on a long flight. Most of my favorite blogs are image-centric and image-heavy.

How We Catch Up With All the Content We've Bookmarked
8/30/11 08:22 AM

@puck73 Not in every home. I have one at about waist-height right by the front door.

Use That Useless Landline Jack as a Key Rack
8/25/11 08:22 AM

Yeah @talktoearthworms, my iPhone's GPS does the same thing... thinking I'm on the highway when I'm on an access road or something. Confusing for a second, but it straightens itself out.

Is Google Maps on Android a Better GPS Than a GPS Unit?
8/23/11 10:42 AM

Any chance you know what that paint color is? I love it!

Nick Keppol's Picture Perfect Brooklyn Office
Tech Tour

7/20/11 03:14 PM